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New Paths

“New Paths,” befitting a seasoned traveler’s needs, is a meager book that the faithful can carry comfortably for long wanderings. Most copies are less than eight inches tall, and the well-worn copies owned by high-level clerics might be even smaller. The cover is sealskin or leather and wrapped to protect it from harsh weather.

New Paths is a relatively thin book, consisting of only six Roads of no more than 30 pages each. It addresses topics such as asking for lodging, taking lodging surreptitiously when denied, avoiding seasickness and keeping natural predators at bay. A full page is devoted to keeping the canon itself safe from rain, snow and vermin.

New Paths teaches the wisdom of observation on the one hand and life experience on the other. New places and cultures are to be observed and studied from afar. Only after careful scrutiny should The Watcher attempt to learn from the person, work on a new profession, etc. A final portion discusses the joy of random meandering and contrasts it to the humdrum boredom and foolishly narrow-minded effort involved in purposeful journeying from one location to another.

The faith prohibits followers from staying at any location for over three days, and may not consort with any one person longer than five days (except in an effort to recruit the individual). Even adventuring followers tend to avoid staying in a dungeon or other location longer than their faith allows. Storms and bad weather relax requirements somewhat because windy days are held holy (when loneliness and solitude supplant wandering).

Since The Watchers are so often alone, they expect themselves to be self-reliant. This emphasis on independence makes the faith very popular. Merchants are common worshipers, as are soldiers, sailors, hunters and nomads. Clerics are urged against magical research or other “vanity” that takes time away from their roaming, except in dire need. Clerics are also encouraged to leave Roads or even entire canons in places frequented by travelers, such as inns or oases.

New Paths is common in all well-traveled areas for 40 gp.

New Paths

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