Rock Gnome

Rock Gnome (“dalgul”)
Rock gnomes (also known as “dalgul” in the gnome language) are the most common type of gnome, and are the typical examples of their kind. They are inquisitive and love to find things out by personal experience. At times they’re even reckless. Their curiosity makes them skilled engineers, since they are always trying new ways to build things.

Dalgul also have a great sense of humor, and adore animals, beautiful gems and jokes of all kinds. While they love puns, jokes and games, they relish tricks – the more intricate the better. They apply the same dedication to more practical arts, such as engineering, as they do to their pranks. Sometimes a gnome will pull a prank just to see how the people involved will react.

Gnomes stand about 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh 40 to 45 pounds. Their skin ranges from dark tan to woody brown, their hair is fair, and their eyes can be any shade of blue. Gnome males prefer short, carefully trimmed beards. They generally wear leather or earth tones, and decorate their clothes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry. Gnomes reach adulthood at around age 40, and they typically live about 350 years, though some have lived to almost 500 years.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3' +2d4 (inches) 40 lbs x 1 lb
Female 2'10" +2d4 (inches) 35 lbs x 1 lb

In general, gnomes prefer to be among their own kind instead of other races. When they do venture out, gnomes are the most comfortable with the other “short” races: halflings and dwarves. They feel the most kinship with dwarves, as they both live underground and enjoy gems and mechanical contraptions. Halflings can be a little simple at times, but as long as they tolerate a few jokes, the gnomes consider them fine companions. They are more distrustful of the “taller” races. Although they share many of the same opinions, or perhaps because of it, gnomes leave the elves alone and vice versa. Half-elves and humans are more of an enigma to the gnomes, and they prefer to judge them on a case-by-case basis. Half-orcs and half-hobgoblins are just a little too dangerous to be trusted fully. Gnomes hate hobgoblins because they see them as big bullies.

Their principal settlements lie in the hills of the Young Kingdoms, the Dopromond Hills and north central Kalamar. A large rural population lives throughout the Jorakk/Jendasha River valleys in the Wild Lands. Some rock gnomes also dwell in northern and western Svimohzia. Dalgul prefer speaking Gnome from old habit. When they speak with humans or others, they use the Merchant’s Tongue, sprinkled with words from their own language that do not translate well.

Gnomes favor worship of The Holy Mother, The Peacemaker, The Guardian, and The Raconteur, and to a lesser extent The Mule, The Eye Opener and Risk.

Rock gnomes generally adventure as a way to satiate their curiosity, though they do so for all reasons. They are most likely to adventure as bards, but they are also adept wizards, and usually focus on illusion magic. They also make dependable sorcerers or fighters, and to a lesser extent, rangers. The dalgul love of trickery makes them able rogues. Paladinhood coincides well with many rock gnome beliefs, but most gnomes lack the necessary dedication or zeal, so gnome paladins are uncommon at best. Rock gnomes do become clerics and druids, but not with much frequency. Rock gnome monks are rare, and rock gnome barbarians are almost unheard of.

“Rock gnomes are short, beardy, live in caves, and hate goblinoids. No, wait, that’s a dwarf. Gnomes are short though, right?”
– Grarg Stoneskull, half-orc adventurer and self-proclaimed “sage of the people.”

Rock Gnome

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