Session 1: Event 5

“Princely Inspection”

With “The Fort” defeated and Jaren liberated, the party is declared the winners, and informed that they will be the Academy’s investigative team to be sent on behalf of Prince Sevlen and the Crown. They also learn the outcome of the other three teams at this time.

  • The team assembled under Dendrala Minel conceded after one of their number was poisoned during the Tankard Challenge.
  • The team assembled under Telerai took their key with them as they went out into Cosolen proper seeking material components to IDENTIFY it and lost it to a pick pocket at some point during the journey.
  • The team assembled under Welitryn Harrobalaea is still in their illusionary room searching for clues to move onward, having all failed their WILL SAVES to see past the spell.

Over the next hour, the assembly bells are rung once again and the Academy’s students and faculty return to the assembly hall. The Party is kept with Headmaster Volren backstage and makes the entry as part of his procession once the hall is filled. As before, Volren leads the group, with the various clerics and faculty members in tow and takes his place at the podium with everyone flanking him on the sides.

The Headmaster holds his hand up for silence as he did the day before, and the crowd falls silent to hear his words: “I thank you all for once again gathering in a timely fashion. It gives me great pleasure to announce that one of our volunteer teams has successfully completed the challenges laid before them, and will be hereby named as the official investigative unit, under the terms of the Academy’s commission granted by his Highness Prince Sevlen.”

“This team has shown tremendous bravery; both in volunteering for this task, and in the manner in which they pursued this appointment. They have displayed the insight, and keen investigative skills necessary to bring about a swift resolution. I have every confidence in their ability, and believe they will return in triumph, bringing renewed honor and distinction to this institution. I will now call each in turn, to come forward and be recognized.”

“Brendolm Minel” – The crowd of students surges to its feet as one, cheers and applause filling the assembly hall. Headmaster Volren speaks louder to be heard over them “Truthseeker, and Paladin of Vrilnan, The True!”; Thespian Dendrala (your cousin) steps forward from her place in the line and grabs your wrist, and raises it to the air, giving you the hero hand.

“Stoat!” – The fevered edge comes off of the applause, but it continues to fill the hall. “Infiltrator, and follower of Raconteur!”; Thespian Dendrala releases Brendolm’s wrist and comes to a kneel beside you, wrapping an arm around you and raising the other in the air.

“Gram Swiftaxe!” – The cheers once again become thunderous and a grouping of dwarves in a side section of the hall begin a chant: GRAM! GRAM! GRAM! “Ranger, and follower of” (uses the Dwarven name) “Adda, The Great Huntress!”; Dendrala moves to you and places a hand on your back, leaning in to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Maldus Randorian! – Gentle of Selandi, the Lord of Silver Linings!” – Amidst the cheers from the crowd, Tender Telerai bursts forward from his place in the line and gives you a heavy pat on the back, shaking your hand. As you walk to your place in the line, he says to you excitedly “This is gonna do wonders for the Church here in Cosolen.”

“Meliantan Daheriel!” – The applause of the crowd comes to a steady rhythm. “Sorcerer, and a curator of the Academy libraries!”; Zelaena Onaeriel moves forward and takes your arm to walk with you to the line of heroes. Somewhere in the crowd a voice says: “hey, that fellow owes me money”

“Burdon Brazebay! Acclaimed musician and worshiper of Raconteur!”Dendrala walks over and pulls your arm around her shoulder and holds your hand as she walks you to the hero line.

“…and finally, Hilg! Druid of the Voldorwoods!” – The student body sort of drops to the level of polite applause for you, and Welitryn Harrobalaea comes forth to walk alongside you as move to your place in the line of heroes.

With the makeshift ceremony concluded, the Headmaster allows the Party to mingle with their fellow students for a short time before calling the assembly to a close and regrouping the Party to himself for further instruction. He explains that they will be presented at the Court of Prince Sevlen and issued official documentation to present to their contact person in the town they will be traveling to. They will also receive monetary assistance for transportation and expenses, but this sum will be based on their apparent worth and his Highness’ belief in their ability to be successful. Therefore they will need to impress him with their appearance and behavior.

Headmaster Volren summons a runner to fetch a carriage and the group heads out of The Greens. Any characters not dressed in finery will need to make a stop and purchase new clothing. A minimum expenditure of 30 gp for a Courtier’s Outfit is required, if not the additional 50 gp for accompanying jewelry. Once any required shopping is done, the group enters the district of town known as The Estates:

Estates rises above the lower districts of the city. Home to the wealthy, powerful and influential, this area of Cosolen features large homes, exclusive businesses and guilds that hold great power and help run the city. Buildings here are of the finest construction, ranging in size from small one-story businesses to large sprawling four and five-story homes and towers that shoot into the sky. Each building is unique in its appearance and great care is taken to ensure they remain that way.

Old blood and money runs deep in Estates, and access to this area of the city is controlled through both gates and guards. Suspect individuals are followed and watched, perhaps even questioned as to their business within the district. Beggars and poorly-dressed visitors are quickly tuned away. Anyone with a plausible reason to visit is left alone (for the most part).

The guardsmen encountered seem to know Headmaster Volren well, perhaps having once been academy students themselves in the past. The Headmaster gives a general introduction at one point and there’s a minor handshake or greeting before the carriage is allowed passage.

Located on a natural rise of limestone, the palace of Prince Sevlen was built during the founding of the city and for some time served as the only fortification against the wild animals and humanoids of the north. A large central keep is surrounded by stone walls 15 feet in height and seven feet in width. Soldiers patrol the walls, but this is merely a token assignment as there are no serious threats to the palace.

In addition to the prince and his family, a contingent of soldiers live inside the palace walls. These men drill frequently in the grounds and are said to be the oldest and most revered members of the military. It is considered a great honor to serve at the palace and many soldiers aspire to the assignment. Visitors to the keep are turned away unless they have documentation or the guards have already been told to allow the person to pass.

The guards at the Palace allow the group to pass once they have been identified and they enter the Court of the Prince. Wealthy nobles and guildmasters mingle here and music is heard to be playing. The group is announced as “Headmaster Volren, Glandal of the Cosolen Military Academy and his assembled team of investigators!” The various people of the Court gossip amongst themselves and a few older chaps introduce themselves to Headmaster Volren and give the PCs a nod or a wave.

A few moments pass before another individual is announced: “His excellency, Duke Ilthan, Marren”, the room takes pause as Duke Ilthan makes his entrance, followed by his entourage. He greets others of sufficient stature and moves to the head of the room awaiting the Prince’s arrival.

Moments later, the announcement is made of the prince’s arrival, with a sounding of horns and trumpets to go with it “His Royal Highness, Prince Sevlen!” The crowd bows deeply (Note any PC who does not), and the Prince makes his entrance followed by a large crowd of scribes, advisers and man-servants. Prince Sevlen moves to the head of the room and takes his place upon a large throne atop a raised stage.

Sevlen gives a nod to the crowd and addresses the assembly “My Lords, Ladies and honored guests, welcome to my Court.” He is about to resume his place upon the throne when something catches his eye. “You!” he exclaims and points a finger directly at the Party. “I know your face! Come forward” Guards quickly begin to move in sensing urgency in the Prince’s tone. As they close in, the Prince continues “You, yes you! come forward!” Finally the focus lands squarely on Burdon and two burly guards grab him from either arm.

“No, release him!” Prince Sevlen moves towards you and the guardsmen let you go but remain vigilant. “I have seen you! Three, no four seasons past! At the Artiste’s temple. You played the Lyre, the finale, Reichel’s Opus Number Three! I was there! You were magnificent!” Sevlen turns to address the court as a whole “This man made my heart soar! and die! only to soar again! In one finale! I would have your music fill my Court, I would have them hear your wondrous work!” He turns to the musicians on a raised platform to the side of the chamber “You there, make a place for him upon the stage. He is to play!”

Impressing the Court: (CR 1)
Setup: The PCs need to display organization, skill and worth to Prince Sevlen in order to receive the largest possible payout of travel funds.
Complexity: 3 (requires 8 successes before 3 failures).
Primary Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (Local, Geography, Nobility/Royalty), Performance
  • Diplomacy (DC 10): The PCs attempt to display their better qualities and sophistication.
  • Knowledges (DC 10): The PCs attempt to show themselves as knowledgeable regarding a given aspect of the Prince or his kingdom.
  • Performance (DC 15): The Party’s Bard attempts to perform fine music to entertain the Prince’s Court. The Court’s musicians begin with a soulful, melancholy piece in minor keys.

Success: The PCs succeed in displaying their good qualities and receive a travel payment of 2100 gp (300 gp per party member).
Failure: The PCs do not overly impress the Court and only receive a travel payment of 1050 gp (150 gp per party member).

With the Prince and the Court sufficiently impressed (or at least appeased), the Party is able to speak with Prince Sevlen regarding the mission.



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