Servants of the Swift Sword

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Servants of the Swift Sword

“Kindness is its own reward.”
“A coward dies 1,000 times, a brave man only once.”
“Evil turns on itself while good helps itself.”
“A good hand is a helping hand.”

The Servants of the Swift Sword are people of valor. They embody all that is good and just and are in the vanguard of combating evil everywhere. Personal bravery and good deeds direct their activities. They will neither use missile weapons nor attack opponents from the rear because these practices may call their personal bravery into question.

Clerics of the Knight of the Gods are well known for their acts of chivalry and kindness. The Servants of the Swift Sword often shelter orphans and their acts of valor are the source of many a bard’s tale. In one such tale, a cleric of The Valiant confronted an evil dragon that had swallowed all the children of a nearby village. The dragon, unimpressed with the cleric, let out a mighty roar. The cleric leaped into the dragon’s mouth, made his way to the belly of the beast and cut it open to free the children.

A traveler may encounter clerics of the Champion of Tellene rescuing pilgrims from bands of brigands, defending a lady’s honor, or combating a black knight. They may join adventurers who are intent on slaying evil creatures.

Adventures: Servants of the Swift Sword are born to adventure. They go out of their way to find trouble and soothe it – by reason, if possible, but by combat if not. Adventuring is a key part of this faith’s dogma, and even squires tied to a location for some reason (including family obligations, leading weekly services, tending for sick and wounded, etc) must either support quests by sponsoring others or by lending aid and advice as necessary.

Characteristics: Servants of the Swift Sword, although skilled at casting healing or divination spells, prefer to act on their ability to turn themselves into a weapon through enhancement spells such as bless, divine power and prayer. They point out that, through the right prayers and skills, any worshiper can become a holy vessel through which the Knight of the Gods can slay evil. Although not required to become a Servant of the Swift Sword, such clerics often choose the Blind-Fight and Endurance feats. Furthermore, they always seek out the best armor and shields available.

Background: Servants of the Swift Sword are born to the faith more often than not. Most are noble children expected to pursue socially acceptable paths, although the young pig farmer who wishes to fight evil and protect his village is also a potential Swift Sword.

Races: As with all faiths, humans and humanoids become Swift Swords based on the strength of their convictions. Most Servants of the Swift Sword are human, although the dwarven contingent of the priesthood is highly respected. Halflings and gnomes sometimes become Servants of the Swift Sword, although these smaller races devote most of their time and attention to the defense of their own lands and tend to wander less than humans or dwarves.

Relations With Other Classes: Servants of the Swift Sword identify most closely with paladins, preferably of their own faith. They tend to have the same likes and dislikes as paladins, uphold the same values and cherish similar ideals.

Relations With Undead: Clerics must destroy undead, and those that associate with them, at all costs. Animating, creating, or otherwise associating with undead may bring excommunication from the church. The faith allows for little flexibility with this rule.

Role: When adventuring with other characters, Servants of the Swift Sword do not view themselves as teachers and guides through a spiritual maze. They see themselves as chosen heroes whose duty is to kill – and sometimes die – in the name of the Knight of the Gods. Their views on most topics are simple and vociferous. If it is evil, kill it. Complicated argument is the defense of the weak-willed. The physically weak should be protected, and the strong are obligated to act. Servants of the Swift Sword consider themselves strong in faith, even if they are not physically powerful, and duty mandates ceaseless action against the evil creatures of the world.

Servants of the Swift Sword

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