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Session Notes

Welcome to the Session Notes page, where I pull the DM Screen away and leave my notes for the various game nights out for all to see. As you read this material, I ask you to remember the following. First, these are the original plans for the game sessions, some things will have been altered drastically as a result of player choices, or removed entirely as they were bypassed or circumnavigated. Secondly, some things from the Adventure Log may not appear here, as they were created/handled on the fly and thus were cobbled together at the time the game was being run.

The following notes are laid out in (roughly) what I am calling the Event Horizon format. This layout is one that I discovered on Chris Perkins’ The Dungeon Master Experience weekly article, and I think it is an awesome way to present the material, particularly on a hyper-linked wiki-style game site. Chris is an amazing DM and I invite everyone to follow his weekly article. I have yet to read one entry where I didn’t find something that gave me inspiration or new ideas for my own game.

Notes by Session

Act I

Game Session 1
Title: A Volunteer Assembly
Date(s) Played: April 06, 2012; April 13, 2012

Session Notes

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