Technology and Warfare

Technology and Warfare on Tellene
A warm climate and a normally good proliferation of food have allowed the population of Tellene to soar to over 26 million human inhabitants. The warm climate also allows for an extended campaign season. Wars are fought almost year-round, especially in the southern regions. Thus the Mendarn-Pel Brolenese border skirmishes and the Zazahni civil conflicts continue throughout Tellene’s thirteen months. Even in the central and northerly regions, only two or three months of winter go without combat, and some northern cultures merely change their tactics when set upon by the cold and snows of winter.

Superior generalship and the footsoldier’s tenacity form but two elements of the triad that constitutes irresistible military power. The third key is technology. Superior technology can balance the odds for an inferior foe or assure victory for an evenly matched opponent. The physical manifestation of said equalizer bears an alluring yet insidious name – steel. It is both the razor’s edge and the anvil’s implacability.

The knowledge of steel is a jealously guarded secret. The dwarves had been making steel weapons, tools and armor for many centuries before the first human folded a steel blade. The human Emperor Thedorus I first employed steel in his military. Legend has it that the dwarven king of Karasta saw fit to reveal this secret to the young Thedorus. While the truth of this tale is unknown, the ability to craft steel was ound only among the various humanoid kingdoms and now within the Kalamaran Empire for the better part of three centuries. For good or evil, it was steel Kalamaran blades that won out an empire and steel breastplates which held back the barbarian encroachment.

Eventually, others learned the secret and forged steel. Now, steel metalworks are produced throughout Tellene, although primarily in the current and former Kalamaran Empire, Brandobia, Zoa and Svimohzia. In remote areas, such as near Lake Jorakk, or northern Cosdol the locals have difficulty obtaining steel weaponry. The nomadic Dejy use steel but purchase it from others, as do the Torakki. Most tribes and nomads also use iron, bronze or even stone tools.

Technology and Warfare

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