The Journeymen

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The Journeymen

“All I need is a ship to sail on and a star to guide me.”
“The question is not ‘Why go?’ but ‘Why not go?’”
“Look to the stars for guidance.”

Followers of the Nimble Navigator journey for the simple joy of traveling. His followers believe that he placed the sun and stars in the heavens to enjoy while he traveled. The Traveler has a large following among merchants and often non-worshippers who wish to ensure a safe journey pay the Voyager homage.

Due to the travel requirements for advancement, Journeymen often seek employment as escorts or guides for merchant caravans. Like Bright Eyes, Journeymen prefer to go unnoticed. However, they will not ignore evil if they find it and clerics always keep in mind a tale of the Traveler encountering and destroying an evil army using the same road as he.

The Journeymen see it as their duty to ensure that roads and travel routes are safe from brigands and pirates. Accordingly, they will go out of their way to defeat those that waylay others or restrict travel in any way. Additionally, Journeymen feel that if they can clear a land of evil, the remaining good peoples will be free to move about without fear of harm. Generally, their beliefs pose them against the feudal system and indentured servitude and other governmental restrictions on the movement of people. As a result, they are often at odds politically with the local government. They tend to dislike tolls or other monetary deterrents to travel for the same reason.

Adventures: Adventures happen to Journeymen while on the road. Bandits, monsters, wars and other impediments to free travel are their main enemies. They especially hate pirates and some Journeymen travel great distances to hinder them.

Characteristics: Journeymen exhibit a strong wanderlust, a desire to meet people, and a need to see new things. Their class abilities and divine spells allow them to travel great distances, with each new experience adding a small image to the tapestry of their lives.

Background: Journeymen come from all backgrounds, but they commonly originate in villages ravaged by humanoids, hamlets raided by slavers, or city slums where violence and injustice are as much a part of daily life as refuse and poverty. Since the beginnings of time, Journeymen have begun their path out of a search for something better.

Races: Half-breeds, who find themselves unwelcome elsewhere, often wander as Journeymen. Nomadic halflings and humans who feel out of place are also common Journeymen, though any race is possible.

Relations With Other Classes: Journeymen get along best with wandering bards. Barbarians that live among civilized people are good companions, since they also wish to see as much as possible during their lifetimes. Teleporting spellcasters are seriously misguided souls who think that being somewhere is more important than going somewhere.

Relations With Undead: The animation and creation of undead is viewed as a neutral act. It is how the undead are used that determines their purpose for good or evil. Associating with intelligent undead, who are inherently evil and very dangerous, is a sin and may earn the cleric a reduction in temple rank, along with penance and possible legal sanction.

Role: Journeymen who actively adventure are guides or caretakers for other adventurers. Their natural skills and divine spells are useful for adventurers, who tend to travel a great deal. The Journeyman gets the advantage of good company and safety, and his companions can often find their way shorter and surer than if they were traveling on their own.

The Journeymen

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