The Merry Muses

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The Merry Muses

“A rapier wit can slice the toughest armor.”
“Laughter is the best way to resolve a conflict.”
“Music is the language of the gods.”
“Perform every day as if it were your last.”
“The pen is mightier than the sword.”
“To bring a smile to sad lips is to give a gift greater than gold.”
“Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and the world laughs at you.”

Typically associated with bards, communities respect these clerics for their entertainment and cultural contributions to society. The Merry Muses are knowledgeable historians who dramatically and/or humorously relate legends to the masses. They have the exceptional ability to place the troubles of the present into perspective through allegories.

Members of the Merry Muses must be knowledgeable in both modern and ancient culture. Their preaching promotes tolerance among differing races and cultures. This is a source of conflict with many governments, particularly in Eldor.

Merry Muses are typically jolly souls that love to perform and bring joy to others. But they are far more than simple jesters. Clerics of the Loremaster are also serious performers and artists who enjoy performing tragedies, dramas, ballets, symphonies and operas. Merry Muses have been known to demand a joke, rhyme or story as payment for the casting of spells or other services — as long as there is no dire need.

Clerics of the Loremaster, while generally popular among commoners, are frequently at odds with the local government. This is because their artwork often takes the form of political satire, and leaders often perceive their work slanderous or even seditious. Entire Churches have been banished in some kingdoms after the telling of one-too-many jokes at the king’s expense.

Adventures: Merry Muses adventure in search of new cultures and new arts. The Kalamaran who adds a touch of the exotic from his travels to Svimohzia receives a warm welcome on her return.

Characteristics: Merry Muses are creative, energetic characters that enjoy others of like mind. They use their spells and powers to entertain as much as to defeat monsters or bypass traps.

Background: Principally of noble birth, the Merry Muses tend to come from urbane and sophisticated backgrounds.

Races: Gnomes and halflings are commonplace Merry Muses, but elves are the most common. Humans appear in numbers almost equal to the elves, and half-elves are well represented as well. While other nonhumans appear among the clergy, no other race holds high-ranking positions within the faith.

Relations With Other Classes: Merry Muses dislike characters that destroy, hack and burn. They prefer classes with the ability to craft items. If they can, they insist that the item be beautiful as well as functional.

Relations With Undead: Clerics must destroy undead that threaten the faith or its worshippers, but can animate, create or associate with undead in life-threatening situations, or if the association furthers the faith’s goals and will do no harm later. If the church decrees the cleric has committed an offense against the faith, he may be subject to penance or (for major offenses) even banned from increasing in temple rank.

Role: Merry Muses seek inspiration from their adventures, and so they urge their companions to new places and new cultures.

The Merry Muses

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