The Radiant Order

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The Radiant Order

“The Radiant Order” once applied its name both to the faith’s canon and its assembly of members, but now the title refers to the canon and the faith’s ruling hierarchy of Lanterns and High Lanterns. The cover is a brilliant gold in color; when possible, an actual gilt cover is used. The inks used in the writing are vibrant dyes of gold, green and red.

Chapters are called Watches (Dawn, Morning, Day, Evening, Dusk and Dark, respectively. The latter is the most famous). The early chapters (Dawn Watch through Evening Watch) extol the virtues of the sun, day and light of all types. The Evening Watch gives details on literally hundreds of methods and devices of illumination, including quick lighting techniques, illumination radii, burn durations, etc.

Dusk Watch describes the enemies of the faith, including undead, the Church of Endless Night and evil underground races such as shadow elves and dark dwarves. The final chapter, Dark Watch, calls for endless war upon each and every one of these foes. It includes detailed descriptions of the strengths and weaknesses of undead creatures and the other evil enemies of the Eternal Lantern. It goes on to describe methods for battling them, hymns for supporting the courage of those in battle, and colorful exclamations (now often used as curses or oaths).

Clerics and followers are prohibited from seeking to become undead. Worshipers must take steps to prevent the spread of undead – including notifying a cleric if they hear rumors of undead or see signs of their presence. Parables told by the clerics equate sleeping past dawn with evil.

The Radiant Order is available throughout Tellene, but its cost is steep because of the high cost of its colorful inks. It costs 60 gp.

The Radiant Order

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