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DANgerous Kalamar 4

Detour to Durlden

Detour to Durlden
The Party


On the hunt for Glormul, the Black Orc leader of the Broken Fang forces harassing the small town of Ldamven and its surroundings, the Agents of Prince Sevlen again felt the bitterness of losing a comrade to forced retirement. Ellanelle Arbordawn, the Wood Elf who had so recently joined the Party, returned to the capital seeking the means to regain the body lost to her through reincarnation after falling to orc warriors in a discovered cave lair.

The proverbial torch passed to the cleric Alamir Artur, recruited in the decimated village of Vrehden. The Fang attack there had displayed the awesome power of a massive set of magical orcish war-drums, and the assistance of a mind-controlled storm giant. While both were later captured during the Fang’s attack on the village of Vlorden, the overall battle had resulted in large-scale destruction to the settlement. Despite the loss of these powerful assets, Glormul himself was still unaccounted for, and the threat of further attacks remained…

Katarday, Seventeenth of Replanting, 1044 Y.K.

Dispatching Hilg back toward Cosolen to inform Welitryn Harrobalaea of the delay in their trek to assist Nilu, the Party devoted time to devising a plan to counter the growing threat of Glormul and his horde. Rarnok took to negotiations with the Iron Skulls’ lead scout Mogbakh, exchanging the powerful war-drums for the posting of two hundred Skull warriors to assist in the defense of Ldamven against the Fang. Far from a perfect arrangement, any avenue of assistance was better than none.

Elsewhere, Alamir, stopping in at the local shrine to The Valiant, was pleasantly surprised to find a fellow Servant of the Swift Sword inside. The cleric, Senvus Broel, had evidently been praying for guidance, and rejoiced at the sight of an ally of the cloth. Broel promptly informed his colleague of the discovery he had made in the faith’s archives back in the capital, and the update he had received from a fellow cleric in the village of Blerden far to the northeast.

To Alamir’s outrage, Broel spoke of a temple to the Champion of Tellene, long ago fallen to corruption and murder from within. While the traitorous cleric responsible for the slaughter of the temple’s clergy had long since been destroyed (reputedly by the Swift Sword himself), the temple – far off the beaten traveler’s path – was left to be reclaimed by nature. More recently, correspondence with a fellow Servant in Blerden indicated that the newly rediscovered temple was found to be inhabited by wicked orcs of the Broken Fang tribe.

Angered over this affront to a house of his god, Alamir agreed to bring the matter up with his new-found allies. The Agents, though deeply moved by the plight of Brovadol’s temple, were forced to request patience on the part of Broel. The threat of attack to Ldamven was unfortunately of far more immediate concern. Saddened, but understanding of the town’s needs, Broel agreed and notified Alamir that he would remain there for a few days more.

Fireday, Eighteenth of Replanting, 1044 Y.K.

Given its proximity to the assaulted villages of Vrehden and Vlorden, the Party decided that fair warning needed to be provided to the settlement of Durlden. Less than a day’s ride south of Vrehden, it stood as a likely target for attack, if one had not been carried out already. At worst, the trip would be but a minor detour, while at its best, the journey offered the chance to catch Glormul in the act, and bring his campaign of terror to an abrupt end.

The day’s travel – the first of three necessary to reach Durlden at their wagon’s pace – proceeded predominantly uneventfully, the most notable occurrences being the passing of refugees from the victimized villages heading toward Ldamven and news via scrying that Holcrel was now in Evlden. As the afternoon transitioned into evening, the Group selected a place along the road’s length to make camp and sleep. Alamir’s Sphere of Awakening passed to each watch, offering the speediest means to rouse the entirety of the Party if necessary.

Homeday, Nineteenth of Replanting, 1044 Y.K.

Moving once again amidst clear, sunny conditions, the Party entered the village of Vlorden near the midday hour. Evidence of the recent raid was still readily apparent, and those who had not abandoned the premises worked feverishly to clear away debris so that rebuilding could begin. Foregoing their usual meal activities, the Group instead offered their aid in the cleanup efforts, working at a rubble-strewn heap that had once been a market shop.

The shop-keep and his family, who had not been seen since the night of the attack, were soon discovered to be buried in the ruins, badly burned and in need of immediate treatment. Shocked at his find, Stoat quickly called for Maldus, telling the family that all would be well. Curative magic healed their charred flesh, giving renewed life to that which had been all but dead. Elated, but still on a mission, the Group soon moved onward, reaching the village of Vrehden in time for nightfall. Being nearly deserted following the devastating Fang invasion, amble space was available for camp.

Godday, Twentieth of Replanting, 1044 Y.K.

Entering Durlden after a full day of travel under heavy rains, the Party was pleased to find the village unharmed, having been either passed over by the orcs or located beyond the starting point of the horde’s attack. The Group made inquiries for an authority figure, soon meeting with the village’s bailiff Brenrend Edguld. A simple man unaccustomed to the threat of invasion, Edguld hurriedly sent word to the village’s Lord and ordered the formation of the town’s militia reserves.

Content that the process of increased readiness had begun, the Group settled in for rest, making their camp near the tiny docks overlooking the lake that adjoined the village. Watches set for the night were peaceful until the discovery of a game animal floating in the water by Maldus. Spotting a moving shape on the far side of the lake, but unable to make it out clearly, the cleric of Selandi woke his companions, concerned that something was wrong.

In an effort to lure the shape forward, a goat was quickly procured, purchased from a tired townsman woken in the dead of night. The tactic proved fruitful, as the dark figure soon entered the lake and made its way toward the defenseless animal roped along the water’s edge. Grasping for the goat at long last, the shape, revealed to be a troll, was surprised by an ambush from the Group. An arrow fired from the bow of Stoat pierced the creature, eliciting a cry of pain and alarm.

Rebounding in the blink of an eye, the troll raced forward, slashing the halfling with a claw attack. The remainder of the Party moved in, overwhelming the monster and putting it down in short order. Thinking that the creature had been alone, the revelation of more shapes in the water prompted a hasty reaction from the Group. The creatures swam swiftly, attacking the Party before they could reacquire the hidden locations from their previous ambush.

Pressed into melee with two additional trolls, and a third that used weaponry instead of claws, the Agents battled fiercely, both inflicting and receiving serious injury. Rarnok and Alamir held the beasts at bay while Stoat and Maldus offered ranged support and healing. Cosdrelita, safely located alongside a nearby building, provided assistance with bardic music and song. With the beasts finally slain, the Group drank in their victory and tended to their wounds. Durlden would still potentially face the threat of orcish attack, but for the moment at least, it was safe.



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