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DANgerous Kalamar 4


The Party


Following the investigation and gains at Ldamven, and having set into motion changes in the hamlet of Ewden, the Party’s trek to Lnonven was fret with both danger and revelations. The would-be kidnapper Sevrinvaln Limnurn was found to possess the locket of Brendolm’s kidnapped sister Regila; Aemys Brazebay was found to have stowed away in the Party’s wagon; and the young woman Cosva had been saved.

Katarday, Tenth of Declarations, 1044 Y.K.

After a night’s rest at Lnonven’s “Flying Leviathan”, Brendolm questioned the villainous Sevrinvaln Limnurn as to his possession of Regila Minel’s Locket. The thug revealed that he was in the employ of the vile criminal Grusenomar Vleddril, a terror of a man with a knack for murder and mayhem. He went on to explain that Vleddril had been the previous bearer of the locket, having taken it from the neck of Regila after he had lead the raid on the Minel hometead. Limnurn himself had merely acquired it in a card game, played against Grusenomar while the men had been in Ldesden together.

Thoroughly disgusted by the reprehensible man, the Party turned him over to the local constable, and with Cosva at their side gave sworn statements as to his conduct on the coastal roadway and his participation in the murder of Cosva’s brother. Limnurn and his accomplices were promptly jailed, and set to face the magistrate for their crimes.

Meanwhile, Gram cursed himself after making a discovery of his own. In the Party’s haste to move onward, he had forgotten his Locked Chest back at Smitty’s shop in Ldamven! Anticipating no danger to the Group while within the confines of Lnonven the dwarf elected to make a hasty return trip to reclaim his property. Hilg traveled with him as escort, not wishing to chance his friend becoming a victim to the dangers of the roadway…dangers both had witnessed firsthand.

It was after the departure of two Party members that the relative tranquility of the morning was broken with the arrival of a small cart and the shouting of soldiers from the town’s watch. A local farmer possessing burning acidic injuries writhed in the back of the cart and after being healed by Maldus spoke of beasts from underneath the ground at his farm. He claimed his wife was still there and begged the Party to help her.

The remaining Party members gathered and headed toward the farm, slightly behind the local constable and a squad of his soldiers on horseback. They arrived a short time later to find the soldiers retreating, having lost a man and sustained grievous injuries to a handful of others. The constable stated his intention to return with more men and advised caution if the Party intended to move forward.

Braving onward, the Group spotted the fallen soldier and the farmer’s wife, both motionless on the ground. Moving toward them to investigate further quickly provoked an attack by the farm’s other occupants, a pair of Ankheg! The first beast emerged from the ground, practically on top of the Party and immediately attacked. The second came from the far side of the farm house and began moving toward the Group.

Already at less than full strength with two of their number on the road, the Party found itself in a world of hurt at the conclusion of the battle. The Ankheg had been slain, but at great cost to the Party itself. Maldus and the memory-wiped companion Defon had suffered near fatal wounds, while Meliantan, Burdon and Brendolm lay dead. Only Stoat remained standing, traumatized and unsure of what to do.

The Halfling stood numbly until the return of the constable and his reinforcements. Two dozen soldiers broke down into squads and searched the remaining areas of the farmhouse, barn and shed. No further creatures were discovered. Aided by the constable, Maldus recovered and used his powers of healing to fully repair Defon. The surviving investigators gathered their fallen brethren and retreated to Lnonven.

Brendolm was reincarnated at a local temple to The True after an arrangement was made to pay a portion of the spell’s cost up front with additional payment to be made later. The spell was successful, but his human form was gone, replaced by the much smaller stature of a Halfling body. Meliantan, being largely mysterious to the group, was entombed in the cemetery just outside of Lnonven – his journal placed into the grave with him by Stoat.

Maldus took possession of the fallen Sorcerer’s Map of Cosdol, as well as the otherwordly crystal ball and accompanying personality Dokari.

Fireday, Eleventh of Declarations, 1044 Y.K.

Being only a single day’s ride from Burdon’s home town of Ewden, and needing to return Aemys to her mother anyway (she had refused to go with the Dwarf and Half-Orc the day before), the remnants of the Party spent the day riding back to the tiny fishing hamlet, carrying the Bard’s remains with them. His body, money and possessions (including his fine Turtle Shell Lyre) were given to his wife Eivn who comforted her daughters and had him buried alongside his older brother Vin – taken years before by a winter’s flu.

Elsewhere, Gram and Hilg arrived to Ldamven late in the evening, having left Ewden earlier that day. They procured rooms at the “Silver Pony Inn” once again and prepared to speak with Smitty the following morning.

Homeday, Twelfth of Declarations, 1044 Y.K.

With Burdon buried and their job done, Stoat, Maldus, and Brendolm depart Ewden and return to Lnonven, traveling with Roth, Defon, Malmir and Dokari. Having retrieved the valued Locked Chest they were after, Gram and Hilg also spend the day traveling, departing Ldamven and arriving to Ewden – to discover the fresh grave of their friend and teammate. They spend the night in quiet remembrance of the brave Bard.

Godday, Thirteenth of Declarations, 1044 Y.K.

Amidst a full day of heavy rains, both segments of the Investigative Unit traveled once again. From Lnonven, Stoat, Maldus and Brendolm began the first day of their journey to Cunvden, seat of Duke Ilthan’s fief – and the location which hopefully held some fresh faces to join their band. They pitched their tents alongside the coastal road, praying for a peaceful night’s rest. A day behind them, Gram and Hilg returned to the “Flying Leviathan” in Lnonven, following a soaked day’s passage from Ewden.

Veshday, Fourteenth of Declarations, 1044 Y.K.

Arriving to Cunvden in the late afternoon, Stoat, Maldus and Brendolm paid a visit to the home of Duke Ilthan, intending to offer their services and request further information. They were greeted by the Duke’s Chamberlain and informed that the Duke presently resided in Cosolen, and had left his chamberlain to look after his affairs. The trio exited the estate and sought out lodging, preparing to do some recruitment the following day.

Still a day’s ride back, Gram and Hilg paid a visit to the resting place of their second fallen companion, the Sorcerer Meliantan Daheriel before embarking on the first leg of their journey to catch up to their friends. By nightfall, they had covered roughly half the distance, and made camp, intending to arrive to Cunvden by midday or so the following day.

Read about this session from the eyes of Meliantan Daheriel in his book The Wanderings of Windfeather



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