Argenon Remel

Argenon Remel
Author: Kallak
Concept: A powerful ‘warlock’, who left his home decades ago, never to be seen or heard from again.
Description: His current whereabouts unknown, only stories from elder members of Ldamven tell of the ‘warlock’ Argenon. They say he was a powerful spellcaster with eccentric tastes who was often gone adventuring. Even his empty home was safe from trespassers, as none dared travel there.

Deceased. Creator of Dokari’s Crystal Ball. Magically augmented the item numerous times for reasons not fully known. A former adventuring sorcerer and hero who was transformed into the Aspect of Torment after his demise at the hands of The Dark One.

Known as an “eccentric warlock” by the residents of Ldamven during his life, Argenon often left his small tower four miles north of town and traveled throughout northern Brandobia as part of an adventuring band alongside the High Elf ranger Hanadrel Rolendar, the Forest Gnome cleric Gonjeyla Sarazi, the Fhokki fighter Kovayl and the Hill Dwarf rogue Lombord Talrek. His fate and that of his companions was unknown following their disappearance in 1024 Y.K.

Argenon’s name surfaced during the first visit to Ldamven by the commissioned investigators of the Cosolen Military Academy. En route to Itven to investigate the disappearance of town guardsmen, the Group had learned of numerous disappearances in the area and thought his tower ruin a likely place to find an ogre that was believed responsible. During their later search of the area, they discovered and looted Dokari’s Crystal Ball, an intelligent item that the “eccentric warlock” had magically enchanted many times in what appeared to be an effort to give the intelligence Dokari, life.

Was later revealed to the investigators, Agents of the Prince by that time, to have been “changed somehow”, “himself, but not” and “angry” when he was seen through Dokari’s use of her scrying ability. He reportedly saw Maldus Randorian, the orb’s current bearer at that time – leading to speculation that he somehow still held power over the item.

Following the Agent’s death at the hands of Gonjeyla Sarazi, the Aspect of Undeath in Cunvden, Argenon’s “change” was discovered to be his alteration into the Aspect of Torment – a transformation discovered following the investigation of Queen Destiny, The Eternal Lantern and the Knight of the Gods into The Dark One’s plan to use his Godspawn to bring about the Time of the Void.

Argenon Remel

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