Author: Kallak
Concept: An independent merchant of questionable ethics.
Description: Aging yet still vain, Avdenbren fancies himself an equal to the far wealthier merchants of the Golden Alliance. His desire to prove his worth in the economic community has driven him to arguably objectionable endeavors on multiple occasions, a fact he manages not to notice.


Leader of the small band of allied merchants trading human-crafted weapons and armor to the “Iron Skulls” orc tribe is the southern Odril Hills near the Napalago Hills. Exchanged the arms for gems and precious metals mined from the Hills. Later captured by acolytes of Guldella Olmlor and held prisoner in Bolnven until its liberation at the hands of Prince Sevlen and the Party.

Brought forth during the Party’s meeting with the “Dark Lady” as proof of her claims that humans were arming the orcs against the goblins. Insisted that the “Iron Skulls” were peaceful and opposed the more violent “Broken Fang” – and that he was helping them repel the “Fang”, which ultimately was helping the human inhabitants of the area. After Bolnven was freed, was later seen by Stoat in a jeweler’s shop in Cosolen discussing the benefits that could be received by further “Skull” trades with the proprietor.


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