Debsela Galborn

Debsela Galborn
Author: Kallak
Concept: A simple young woman content with the small town life of her family.
Description: A bit on the plain side, Debsela Galborn is a kind young woman who strives to keep the larger personalities of her younger siblings in check. Her position away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town is a relief to her, as she prefers the solitude of her family’s home.


Daughter and first child of Dolran and Olelta Galborn. Sister of Hurthral Galborn and Anseleen Galborn. Was present with the strange young woman who arrived to the Galborn Homestead shortly before the disappearance of her father and the squad of soldiers. Tried to prevent the young woman from escaping after Dolran’s cry of pain was heard, but was unsuccessful.

Was sequestered along with the reset of the Galborn family by Constable Plonnor after the incident until the arrival of the Party to investigate. Informed them of the little she knew when they came to get information.

Debsela Galborn

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