Author: Kallak
Concept: The illusionary body of an intelligent item’s mind.
Description: Dokari appears as a svelte and aesthetic Elf with full lips and dark captivating eyes. She is incredibly insightful, seeming to almost read the minds of those she interacts with. Her personality is a little erratic, being both impatient but also longing to talk to others – perhaps a result of her twenty years of solitude in the ruins of Argenon’s cellar.

The illusionary “physical” form of Dokari’s Crystal Ball, an intelligent magic item that once belonged to the “eccentric warlock” Argenon Remel. Was discovered by the commissioned Investigators four miles north of Ldamven, in the remnants of Remel’s tower cellar. Charmed Stoat as he emerged from the rubbled stairway and used him to convince the others to dig out the debris and release her.

Created by Argenon Remel, Dokari spent the earliest days of her existence as something of an experiment for the “eccentric warlock”. Initial tests revolved around her capability for recognition and memory, in time giving way to mathematics, logic, and eventually problem solving. Spurred by “his” success, Remel shifted his efforts toward other aspects of her intellect – creativity, emotion, and relationship formation. Each time he seemed pleased with her abilities and each time she tried harder to impress him.

Little by little, she began to see him as less her “owner” and more her “friend”. The man had spent countless hours working on measuring her mind, and seemed to like her a great deal. He had even begun placing her on his table as he worked on other projects, allowing her to observe. It was, in fact, during such a situation when an offhanded telepathic comment sparked an idea that would change everything: “If only I could help you somehow, take notes for you or something.”

His reaction was at first one of humor, followed by silence. Slowly, he began to cease his current work, deep in thought and contemplation. Finally, he set the project aside and moved on to another, new project…an assistant. Remel spent many nights in research following that fateful evening, taking minor magics and using them to replicate basic laboratory tasks. Before long, he announced his intention to begin. Her first magical augmentation came in the form of an unseen servant spell, enchanted permanently onto the orb.

The level of concentration required to make use of the magic was daunting at first, then easier, but clumsy in application. Simple chores, such as lifting and carrying, came ahead of the more complex tasks like rotating objects or rolling scrolls. Fluid movements like writing came last of all, being by far the most demanding. The process was gradual, but successful, and led to discussions about the next augmentation.


Once her true nature was ascertained, the crystal ball was given to Meliantan Daheriel for identification, during which time she brokered a deal with the Half-Elf. A pact of mutual benefit, agreeing to help one another with their respective goals. He agreed to help her fulfill her desire for full autonomy and movement of her orb-self, as well as to conceal its presence. The arrangement seemingly fell through when Meliantan perished, and possession of the orb passed to Maldus Randorian.

Began to assist the Party after revealing her ability to activate the crystal ball on her own; first using it to scry on young Taldred Sterond in an attempt to assuage the fears of Hurthral Galborn, who was overcome with fear and doubt regarding his missing love. Later took to using her capabilities to attempt to locate individuals and monitor the movements of given subjects for the Party from afar. In time, her efforts were rewarded by Relmir Dilomas, when he used his accumulated gold to purchase a permanent invisibility for her orb-self, and a scroll of permanency to be used later for her autonomous movement.

With her relationship to the Group leading to the fulfillment of her desires, started to take on other roles as well, helping Maldus set up his faith event for the Church of Everlasting Hope in Eastpeg, resulting in the capture of slaver Grusenomar Vleddril and his recently recruited accomplice, Ichrinthan Stroon when they came to take vengeance for the destruction of the slaver’s stabling compound. Charmed the pair after they were trapped inside a wall of thought.

Later returned to the ruined tower of Argenon Remel with the Party when they traveled to Ldamven en route to aid the druid Nilu against an unknown threat. While on the grounds of the tower, revealed that she saw Remel for an instant with her scrying, after having not been able to do so since his departure some twenty years prior. Described him as “changed”, “himself, but not” and as being “angry”. Also noted that he saw Maldus, a revelation that lead to speculation as to whether or not Dokari herself was the instrument with which that sighting was made possible.


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