Folikar Pateris

Folikar Pateris
Author: Kallak
Concept: A powerful man with vast resources at his disposal.
Description: Folikar is a tall, heavy-set man in his early fifties. He carries himself with confidence befitting a man of his position and authority. Folikar wears his hair and full thick beard trimmed short and dresses in the fashion of his homeland. Folikar is extremely particular about his clothing and has it imported. He refuses to buy native Brandobian clothing.


A native of Kalamar, Folikar Pateris has always had the vision and foresight to see the big picture. At a young age he took a position with the Golden Alliance, intent on one day becoming a leader. He fell in love with northern Brandobia and never left. Thirty years later, he finds himself a Gem, in charge of the Cosolen guild hall and responsible for the organization and regulation of all trade in the land he loves.

Both powerful and influential, Folikar isn’t easily intimidated or bullied, and seems to have the unique ability to remain calm in even the most difficult situations. He delegates much power and responsibility to Trinkets and other less prominent members, trusting them to strive to the utmost of their abilities.

Following the capture of the Brolenese slave trader Melnul Corguld, agreed to oversee the process of return for kidnapped Cosdolite women. Insisted that his Golden Alliance agents would be quite safe in the slave nation, as certainly The Pel did not wish to find its enemies in Mendarn ‘rapdily and continuously’ supplied with weapons of war at ‘steep discount’.

Folikar Pateris

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