Author: Kallak
Concept: Broker of antiquities, magical items and artifacts.
Description: An elderly but acutely alert man, Forberon has long been associated with the Wizard’s Guild in Cosolen. His expertise in appraising items of power and bargaining for their sale and purchase has garnered him much respect amongst the upper echelons of society. He is well kept, despite his tendency to be awake long hours identifying and cataloging pieces.


Broker of antiquities, artifacts and magical items for the wizard’s guild in Cosolen. Arranged the sale of thirteen minor magical items to the Party when they sailed back to the capital from Cunvden to upgrade equipment and unload spoils gained from raiding the lair of the “Night’s Shadow” thieves and being rewarded for the capture of the thieves’ leader Ichrinthan Stroon. Became the primary source for magically augmented items from the Investigative Unit, as the Group would frequent his establishment on their various return trips to Cosolen between assignments or when gearing for an upcoming mission.

Later bartered for the services of the Party’s infiltrator Stoat after coming to believe that his latest client, Duke Marren Ilthan, was lying to him regarding the theft of an item the Duke had purchased on a generously extended line of credit. In exchange for entering the Duke’s home in secret and verifying that the item in question – a small statue of a figure praying to an unknown deity – was still present, agreed to procure a dire weasel that would be trained to serve as a mount for the halfling.


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