Gonjeyla Sarazi

Gonjeyla Sarazi
Author: Kallak
Concept: An adventurous Cleric and hero of old.
Description: most specific details have been lost, but Gonjeyla was widely known to follow The Laugher.

Deceased. A former adventuring cleric and hero who was transformed into the Aspect of Undeath after her demise at the hands of The Dark One.

A hero and cleric of The Laugher during her life, Gonjeyla traveled throughout northern Brandobia as part of an adventuring band alongside the High Elf ranger Hanadrel Rolendar, the Kalamaran sorcerer Argenon Remel, the Fhokki fighter Kovayl and the Hill Dwarf rogue Lombord Talrek. Her fate and that of her companions was unknown following their disappearance in 1024 Y.K. This remained so until 1044 Y.K when Queen Destiny, The Eternal Lantern and the Knight of the Gods uncovered The Dark One’s plan to use his Godspawn to bring about the Time of the Void.

During the subsequent investigation of this foul plot, Gonjeyla’s fate of being transformed into the Aspect of Undeath was also discovered.

Gonjeyla Sarazi

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