Grond Plonnor

Grond Plonnor
Author: Kallak
Concept: A stalwart upholder of the law; defender of the weak.
Description: Constable Plonnor is a rugged, able-bodied man in his early thirties. Stern and stoic, he seems ideally suited to the life of a guard or soldier. On the few occasions where his head is not helmeted, his short orderly hair and neatly trimmed goatee give him a gentleman’s look, albeit one unaccustomed to long periods of idle conversation.

(Former) Constable and captain of the town guard of Itven. Assumed the position after his predecessor perished during the great tidal wave of 1043 Y.K. and held the post until he was forced to resign. Husband of Wulalta Plonnor. Brother through marriage to Ervaln Norforn.

Following the arrival of the Investigative Unit from Cosolen, joined them in their investigation into the disappearances of Dolran Galborn and four soldiers of the Itven town guard who had vanished mysteriously. During the investigation, was forced to reveal that he was the brother through marriage to wanted criminal Ervaln Norforn after one of “The Architect’s” traps was set off and slew a member of the local militia. Also revealed that he had once captured Norforn but had released him due to familial relationship.

When The Architect’s lair was discovered a short time later, held the outside perimeter with Gram Swiftaxe, Sendrita Fordril, Hurthral Galborn and his militia soldiers while the remainder of the Investigative Unit went inside to attempt to capture Norforn. Though the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, the villain was forced to flee and the lair was cleared.

After the discovery of the bodies of his missing soldiers in the barn at the Sterond family farmhouse-hostel, stayed behind in Itven to bury them while the investigators left toward Bolnven. Following their successful liberation of the town in the Battle of Bolnven, was forced to resign his position as the Constable of Itven when the Alderman Council learned that he had once released The Architect.

Later teamed up with Norforn and the Party to locate and free his wife Wulalta, whom he had thought perished in the tidal wave, from the slaver Grusenomar Vleddril. Ferried liberated slave women (including Taldred Sterond) to “His Majesty’s Audacious” with Ervaln when the Group invaded the slavers’ lighthouse island stronghold.

After returning to Cosolen, learned of the trouble being had by Brendolm Minel in the hamlet of Tigden with the Mongrelmen of the Avdoron Mires, traveled there with his brother through marriage Norforn and his recently rescued wife Wulalta to assist.

Grond Plonnor

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