Author: Kallak
Concept: A tracker for hire with incomprehensible skill.
Description: A master of interpreting tracks and converting them into a sequence of events, Holcrel seems to almost pull details from thin air when ‘reading’ an area. He takes his time and walks with a confident swagger, the end result of possessing unparalleled expertise and being in high demand. Cares not for the objectives of those who employ him, only their gold.

Tracker kept on retainer by Grusenomar Vleddril to follow enemy movements and reconstruct events from the evidence left behind at battle sites. Evaluated the scene of Vleddril’s stabling compound after the Party raided it and identified “a lot” about the Group and their attack, details that lead to a correct identification when combined with the knowledge of Ichrinthan Stroon – a recent addition to the slaver’s minions.

Rode with Vleddril and his followers to Cosolen as the slaver pursued the Party for revenge. Located Maldus Randorian in Eastpeg after word of his impending religious event was circulated around the city. Stood guard at the entrance to the tent while Vleddril and Stroon went inside to kill Randorian. When the fight turned against the pair and they were trapped within a wall of thought, agreed to bring the city watch in exchange for gold.

With his original employer taken to the dungeon, found himself available to be hired by someone else – an opportunity the Party capitalized on, gaining funds from Prince Sevlen to pay his asking price to travel to Bolnven and take up the trail of Guldella Olmlor. Agreed to have Dokari scry upon him every day at noon, so that updates on his progress could be provided to the Party remotely.


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