Hurthral Galborn

Hurthral Galborn
Author: Kallak
Concept: A troubled, yet determined young man propelled ever forward by his emotions.
Description: A handsome and sturdy young man coming into adulthood, Hurthral speaks often of his ability to track and his skill with a bow. He knows the area surrounding his home quite well, a result of years spent hunting with his father Dolran. Said to be a conflicted individual by many.

Son and second child of Dolran and Olelta Galborn. Brother to Debsela Galborn and Anseleen Galborn. Was sent by his father to fetch Constable Plonnor after an injured young woman emerged from the woods behind his family’s homestead. Returned to find his father missing and the woman gone. Taken to Itven with his mother and sisters and sequestered there by the Constable after the soldiers who had come to the homestead disappeared also.

Joined the Party as they investigated the disappearances of his father and the squad of soldiers, where he found himself shying away from the fighting in his early combats with the Group. Vowed to improve himself and attempted to contain the fear that stopped him from engaging in the battles. Held the outside perimeter of The Architect’s lair with Gram Swiftaxe, Constable Plonnor, Sendrita Fordril and the militia soldiers while the remainder of the Party went inside to attempt to capture Ervaln Norforn. Though the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, the villain was forced to flee and his lair was captured.

As the investigation continued, the trail lead the Group to the home of Taldred Sterond, whom he had been seeing socially without his family’s knowledge. It was discovered that the young woman from the encounter with his father had been Taldred, and not a random woman. He began to feel that he had failed her and despaired. Approached Maldus Randorian for council and was reassured by a reading from Every Cloud. The meeting culminated in Dokari using the crystal ball to scry on Taldred and revealing her to be alive, but imprisoned alongside other young women.

Stayed with outside with Maldus and searched prisoner enclosures for his father as the Party met with the “Dark Lady” Guldella Olmlor. Later returned as part of the invading force during the Battle of Bolnven and fired the magically lit arrow signalling victory in the Town Hall and the safety of the children. Reunited with his father after the battle was over and the town was liberated.

Turned down by the Party when he attempted to rejoin them on their return to Itven. Still determined to locate Taldred.

Hurthral Galborn

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