Landren Thalrel

Landren Thalrel
Author: Kallak
Concept: A world-weary retired adventurer who’s vast array of experiences have made his opinions highly valued.
Description: Elderly but not decrepit, Lord-Mayor Thalrel is a tall and husky figure. His fully white beard hangs down over his chest, having long ago overgrown its place upon his jaw. A tired but easy smile is his expression of choice, when not furrowing his brow over stacks of pages at his desk.

Former adventuring sorcerer who retired from ‘the lifestyle’ after nearly meeting his end on an expedition. Later took up residence in Itven, where his superior education and ‘worldly’ experiences eventually made his opinions and advice highly valued. Reluctantly sought the position of Lord-Mayor after pressure from friends and acquaintances. Generally leaves the day to day workings to the town council, while writing or doing research in his office.

Met with the Party after they arrived from Cosolen to conduct their investigation into the disappearances of Dolran Galborn and the four soldiers at the “homestead incident”. During the meeting, requested that the Party allow Sendrita Fordril to accompany them so that she wouldn’t get hurt or killed trying to go alone.

Purchased a set of Enchanted Padded Armor from the Party that was taken from the lair of Ervaln Norforn.

Landren Thalrel

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