Author: Kallak & Eviltim
Concept: An elder druid and revered mentor.
Description: A lifelong resident of the Voldorwoods, little is known about Nilu with any certainty. His tranquil nature and flowing white beard suggest that he is quite ancient, and indeed few inhabitants of the area have not at least heard of him. Those who have encountered him directly speak of him as a benevolent figure – so long as the woods are respected.


Druidic mentor to the Half-Orc Hilg. Attempted to raise the young humanoid after encountering him alone in the woods with no memory of his past. Did his best to soothe the rage that existed in his pupil beneath the surface, but ultimately decided that his efforts were proving ineffective. Sought a new mentor for his protégé and eventually reached an agreement with the High Elf Cleric Welitryn Harrobalaea of the Founder’s Creation in Cosolen.

Later sent an animal messenger to Harrobalaea for Hilg requesting that the young Half-Orc return to him when possible. He stated further that a new threat had emerged and even he was incapable of handling it alone.


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