Purthal Voren

Purthal Voren
Author: Kallak
Concept: A reclusive absentee knight and unenthusiastic Lord.
Description: A handsome yet distant Half-Elf, Purthal Voren is a man torn between his sense of duty and lack of desire to be an authority figure. His sturdy frame is more likely to be found dressed in courtier’s garb than the armor of his knighthood, a somewhat unwelcome byproduct of his position. He has long maintained his post, albeit reluctantly.

Knight of the realm of Cosdol, Lord and protector of the hamlet of Ewden.

Kept himself distant from the affairs of his charge, leaving the day to day operations in the hands of Esel Dolmonostor who in turn delegated the tasks to Mirtran Neln. Knew that the capital required more food supplies from surrounding towns and villages, and thus didn’t question increased quotas for the serfs of his hamlet. Was unaware of the exact conditions of the peasants until it was brought to his attention by Brendolm Minel and the PCs.

When the allegations against Mirtran Neln and his son Drut proved true, vowed to make changes and bring the settlement back into a peaceful state.

Purthal Voren

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