Sendrita Fordril

Sendrita Fordril
Author: Kallak
Concept: A headstrong and determined woman on a desperate mission with objectives unknown to even herself.
Description: Possessing the beautiful face and gentle curves of a lady at court, Sendrita would seem out of place in the full-plate armor she wears were it not fitted to her slender frame. Her long auburn hair, kept free of braids or styling, gives her a simple yet alluring appearance.

Fallen Paladin of The Eternal Lantern who traveled to Itven following the havoc when word spread along the coastal roadway of the disappearence of Dolran Galborn and the squad of soldiers. Encountered by the Party as they moved with Constable Plonnor to visit Lord-Mayor Thalrel – which prompted a strange vision in Maldus Randorian.

Requested to join the Party during their investigation as a means to reclaim the favor of Bleslelna, whom she had somehow fallen from favor with and was being denied her divine abilities. This placed her as highly suspect in the eyes of Brendolm Minel who insisted that as a Paladin, she should know why her god had forsaken her. Despite this, her request was accepted and she traveled with the Grou.

Held the outside perimeter of The Architect’s lair with Gram Swiftaxe, Constable Plonnor, Hurthral Galborn and the militia soldiers while the remainder of the Party went inside to attempt to capture “The Architect”. Though the effort was ultimately unsuccessful, the villain was forced to flee and his lair was taken.

During the Investigative Unit’s meeting with Guldella Olmlor in Bolnven, was forced to relinquish her sword and stand in a ‘position of supplication’ to save the lives of hostage children, who the “Dark Lady” ordered killed after she verbally attacked the Dark Rider. Was later invited back to the discussion when one of Guldella’s men broke the mutual truce of the white flag by laying hands on her.

Days later, participated in the Battle of Bolnven and assisted the Party in saving the town’s children from the goblins of the “Death Snake” tribe by attacking and holding the Town Hall where they were being held. Nearly perished in the battle, but was saved by Maldus Randorian – a fact that would soon prove ironic. Told by Bralana Elbren that her powers were being denied her because Bleslelna was weakening, due to the imminent arrival of the Time of the Void.

Finally revealed to have fallen from her deity’s favor due to her affliction with lycanthropy, a condition which she was unaware of. This was discovered by the Party during their trip to Ldesden when the full cycle of Veshemo forced her transformation into animal form and she attacked the Party, slaying Maldus Randorian. Her corpse was beheaded as a precautionary measure by Brendolm Minel and her body buried by Zeph Proctor. Her head was later delivered to the Clerics of The Raiser in Itven for last rites, where the Group had taken Maldus to procure his reincarnation.

Sendrita Fordril

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