Dimension Stride Boots

Item Overview:
Description: These sleek leather boots lean slightly forward, as if poised to leap.
Body Slot: Feet
Activation: — and Standard (command)
Weight: 1 lb.
Owner’s Listing

Item ID Bearer Current Bonus/Special Notes
029 Hilg +2 [Competence] to [Jump], See Game Mechanics Below
029 Rarnok Suvok Vofa +2 [Competence] to [Jump], See Game Mechanics Below
168 Maldus Randorian +2 [Competence] to [Jump], See Game Mechanics Below
218 Alamir Artur +2 [Competence] to [Jump], See Game Mechanics Below
Game Mechanics

While wearing dimension stride boots, you gain a +2 Competence bonus on Jump checks. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation. In addition, the boots have 5 charges, which are renewed each day at dawn. Spending 1 or more charges allows you to teleport a short distance (with no chance of error). You must have line of sight and line of effect to your destination. You can’t use the boots to move into a space occupied by another creature, nor can you teleport into a solid object; if you attempt to do so, the boots’ activation is wasted. You can bring along objects weighing up to your maximum load, but you can’t bring other creatures.

  • 1 charge: Teleport 20 feet.
  • 3 charges: Teleport 40 feet.
  • 5 charges: Teleport 60 feet.

Dimension Stride Boots

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