Blackfoot Society

The Blackfoot Society

The Blackfoot Society is a loose-knit group of anti-monarchists. They dispute the popularly held belief that royal families have the divine right to rule. The Society’s goal is the overthrow of all monarchies, whether oppressive or benevolent.

The Blackfeet believe that power is derived from, held by and shared with all people. They advocate a more communistic society with all members of the community sharing equally in work, products and property. The Blackfeet believe that individuals should work for the betterment of the community as a whole and not for selfish gain.

Support among the populace varies from region to region. As can be expected, support is greatest where living and economic conditions are the worst, or where tyrannical rule oppresses the commoners. The Society enjoys its largest support in the Kalamaran Empire, Eldor, Meznamish and Shynabyth.

Even where conditions are perfect for setting their ideology into practice, the Blackfoot Society has been unable to foster much of an uprising. This is largely due to the weak and ineffective leadership of the Society, which is long on rhetoric and short on action. For the most part, the activities of the Society have been reduced to placing anti-monarchy slogans on walls and vandalizing royal property. The Blackfeet have claimed responsibility for the recent death of a Kalamaran noble. In truth, the noble died when he fell from his horse after a night of excessive carousing.

Members of the society can be identified by the black dye applied to the soles of their feet. However, they are careful to hide this mark from the eyes of those whom they oppose.

Blackfoot Society

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