Bringers of the New Order

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Bringers of the New Order

“To feel the whip is to feel the burning kiss of the Overlord.”
“Let your scars be a reminder of who is the master and who is the slave.”
“My words are your thoughts, we are one.”
“The will of the Overlord cannot be denied.”
“Our enemies will be crushed in the fist of the Oppressor.”

The Bringers of the New Order are bent on world domination with the House of Shackles becoming the sole political, economic, military and religious power throughout Tellene. They believe that they can, and will, conquer the world for their diabolical Master. When that day comes, their god will indeed become the Tyrant of Tellene. The Bringers will do whatever it takes to attain this goal.

Clerics of the Oppressor rarely use brute force to enslave a land. They prefer to work within a government, placing their followers in positions of political power or dominating the current ruler and forcing him to do their bidding. They generally dominate through insidious psychological brainwashing, though they may use less subtle methods on occasion. In any event, the ruler is usually the last to believe he is under the sway of another. If all else fails, Bringers may try blackmail.

In small towns, Bringers may appear as saviors by defending a town from brigands (usually hired by the clergy) or by providing free slave labor to help plant and harvest crops for a starving village. Once they have established themselves within a society, they manipulate the populace to instill their evil ways. Those who do not bow before The Overlord are enslaved. In more remote areas, and when the situation dictates, the clergy may employ swifter and more brutal tactics.

Bringers of the New Order are well trained in the tactics of intimidation, fear and the art of breaking their victim’s spirit. By dominating their prey mentally, physically and emotionally, Bringers remove their victims’ ability to think for themselves.

Adventures: Bringers adventure to bring new slaves under their command. They prefer to capture them personally, but gladly take them as prisoners, purchase them or command them into obedience with compulsions if necessary.

Characteristics: Bringers rely on both strength at arms and their powerful divine magic in roughly equal shares. They manipulate others by pretending to work with them, then turning on them at the appropriate time – when the other is most vulnerable.

Background: Bringers exist in larger numbers in Pel Brolenon than elsewhere. Besides being the major center of the faith, the general attitude of the country fosters the kind of teachings that make this class an attractive option.

Races: Most Bringers are humans or hobgoblins. Dwarves favor the strong sense of order, but tend to dislike the subjugation of other races. Most elves detest the concept of oppression and removal of personal choice, but a tiny number of halflings and gnomes don the Taskmaster’s vestments.

Relations With Other Classes: Bringers of the New Order view rogues with distrust, especially those with the ability to open the locks binding slaves. Bringers view all other classes as potential slaves, and love to make slaves of paladins.

Relations With Undead: The raising or use of undead poses no dogmatic issues for the cleric and risks no sanctions. However, clerics should not recklessly associate with undead, but do so only for purposes of helping the faith or its worshippers.

Role: Within an adventuring party, Bringers are responsible for taking captives and interrogating them if necessary. They can also sell the slaves they capture for profit. Otherwise, Bringers serve well as evil fighters and divine spellcasters.

Bringers of the New Order

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