Dark Elf

Dark Elf (“drow”)
Other elves hide the existence of the dark elves (also known as shadow elves or, in Low Elven, “drow”) in myth and legend, mixing fact with fantasy to conceal the existence of these hateful subterranean cousins. However, the dark elves still exist, and are truly as evil and treacherous as these tales tell. In general, dark elves are paranoid, ambitious and untrustworthy. Individuals might be furtive, bold or secretive. They often strive to prove their dominance over others by means of exerting power (mental or physical) or influence over others. They also have a great love for things of beauty – not for their aesthetic appeal, but for the status and power they represent.

In silhouette, a dark elf is indistinguishable from any other elf. In full light, however, its appearance is striking. Their skin is jet black, in sharp contrast to their white hair. Their eyes are amber, blood red or shades of violet, though an occasional dark elf may be born with pure white eyes – supposedly a sign of favor from The Dark One. Dark elves, like high elves, meditate for four hours instead of sleeping.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3'10" +2d4 (inches) 70 lbs x (1d4+1) lbs
Female 3'8" +2d4 (inches) 60 lbs x (1d4+1) lbs

Dark elves hate most other races. They enslave those that live near them and undertake long journeys to kill those distant. They respect mind flayers, whom they consider their equals, and fear the enigmatic aboleths. They live in cities underneath the surface of the earth, mostly beneath the Krimppatu Mountains of Svimohzia. These cities are large enough to be self-sufficient (5,000 to 10,000), but they never grow to the size of large human cities because of space constraints, warfare and the chaotic nature of their inhabitants. A single clan rules each city, paying fealty to their Empress.

Dark elves speak their own language. Despite their hatred, dark elves often speak the languages of other races because cultural secrecy prevents them from teaching their own tongue to others. Their own natural Intelligence also makes it fairly simple to learn other languages. They tend to speak Drow, Undercommon, Low Elven (reluctantly) and sometimes Merchant’s Tongue, plus a diverse array of other languages common to subterranean creatures.

Drow revere the gods of Chaos and Evil, with worship of the Prince of Terror being most common. Warriors most often worship the Creator of Strife, while those of lower classes prefer The Vicelord. Other commonly worshipped deities are the Rotlord, the Seller of Souls, The Dark One and The Laugher. The Confuser of Ways and the Emperor of Scorn are rarely worshipped, for stories of these deities’ foul treatment of the dark elves is detailed in many of their legends.

Adventuring dark elves are often on a mission of destruction or renegades, and sometimes both. These renegades seek notoriety among the surface-dwellers, hoping that their terrible deeds will allow them to become members of dark elf society once again. Rare and short-lived is the dark elf that abandons his old ways entirely and turns to good.


Dark Elf

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