Disciples of Avrynner

The Disciples of Avrynner

The Disciples of Avrynner is an organization founded by the first students of Avrynner the Mind Master, the father of modern psionics. In Avrynner, the gift of psionics became evident at an early age. Thinking his strange powers unnatural, his Aronak (see the Land of Torakk) banished Avrynner and cast him into the wilderness. He wandered from village to village, but found only hostility. In the wilds, he practiced his powers and through psionic travels Avrynner met several alien creatures that helped him hone his skills.

His mentors informed him that he was not alone: others on Tellene had similar powers. Filled with joy, Avrynner began a lifelong quest to befriend them. Avrynner found many others, but none were as skilled as he was. He tutored his companions and together they traveled the lands searching for more of their kind and for a land where others would not persecute them.

The group settled in Pekal. The people there seemed friendly and magic was an accepted practice. However, Avrynner soon drew the attention of the School of Magic. The School demanded that he teach others this new magic. When Avrynner explained that it is a gift, given only at birth, they rebuked him for refusing to share his knowledge. Avrynner was arrested for practice of unlicensed magic. The wizards feared his powers so they drugged him and had him formally executed. His disciples fled and formed this secret group.

Today, some three hundred years later, the association still exists. The Disciples of Avrynner follow the teachings of the Mind Master. They study, practice and teach the use of psionics to other gifted ones. Because of the history of psionic persecution, the Disciples of Avrynner remains a hidden organization. They only reveal themselves to other psionicists or those who have the power and do not yet know it.

The Disciples are a loosely bound association and their dispositions range across the entire ethical spectrum. Therefore, as a group, the Disciples have few goals. However, they are all sworn enemies of the illithids, githyanki, githzerai and all other psionic races bent on the destruction and enslavement of other psionicists. The Secret Network of the Blue Salamander is their sworn enemy because of its reputed mind flayer leadership.

Disciples of Avrynner

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