Golden Alliance

The Golden Alliance

The Golden Alliance is the largest merchants’ guild on Tellene. It is composed of rich and influential merchants who endeavor to become wealthier and more powerful through all forms of legal and illegal trade. The Alliance seeks to establish a monopoly on trade by destroying all other merchant guilds. Alliance members will charge outrageous prices to competing merchants and undercut their prices at fairs. The Alliance frequently hires brigands to raid caravans of other merchants. This practice has brought the Alliance into conflict with the Secret Network of the Blue Salamander and has resulted in a reduction of the Alliance’s influence. However, the Golden Alliance still dominates trade on the Svimohzish Isle and in Brandobia. The Alliance has its own fleet of merchant and slave ships and has agreements with many pirates.

The Golden Alliance is very active in politics and matters of state. They have placed many petty rulers in power and have influenced other officials by lining their pockets. In return, these leaders help guarantee that the Alliance will be able to freely transport and sell their wares without harassment and very light or no taxation. This includes turning a blind eye to their illegal activities. It is believed that many high-ranking parliamentary seat holders of Ahznomahn are members of the Golden Alliance.

Golden Alliance Titles

The Golden Alliance includes associate members who have no place in the hierarchy but assist in executing the Alliance’s requests. These members include faithful teamsters, veteran guards, and experienced craftsmen, and are called Baubles. Above them are “independent” merchants and a select few special members, including spies, saboteurs, and specialist mercenaries such as wizards. These folk are Trinkets and have little real say in the Alliance’s major operations. At the top are the Gems, who are junior decision makers (guild masters, caravan owners, fleet owners, etc.), and the Jewels, the largest and most prominent merchant house masters and the guiding force behind the Golden Alliance.

One such example is Wherahzni of Ahznomahn, a Jewel. He is responsible for the spread of the organization throughout Zhanehzmish, opening the door to the rest of the nation. Beneath him are a number of Gems, non-zurenas, military officers and petty merchants. He now has such a large network of Trinkets and Baubles, it is believed he is one of the most powerful men in all of Ahznomahn.

Golden Alliance

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