Ministry of Misery

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Ministry of Misery

“Better than a sharp stick in the eye.”
“I want to hear you scream.”
“If you beg for mercy I’ll stop. Oh, that’s right – you’ve got no tongue! Ha ha ha ha!”
“Take a stake to him.”
“Life is pain. Feel mine.”

The Order of Agony is ordained and dedicated to inflicting pain and suffering on others in the name of The Flaymaster. The Ministry of Misery zealously carries out its commandment and has, consequently, raised torture to an art form. Because of their skill, rulers often employ clerics of Slowdeath as torturers or interrogators.

Clerics of The Hood seek to inflict agony on each and every being in the world. The Ministers believe that through pain and anguish, the masses will learn that only The Flaymaster can ease their torment. The Order of Agony teaches its disciples that world domination is the best way to attain their objectives. The Order has recently taken steps in this direction by founding the Theocracy of Slen. They believe that through their evil country the Order can bring pain to all the surrounding nations and ultimately to all of Tellene. Worshippers of The Flaymaster who work as torturers or reside in foreign nations are commanded to gather intelligence for the Grand Theocrat. (See the Theocracy of Slen.

Soldiers of the Theocracy of Slen are among the greatest winter warriors on Tellene. Drilled in snow terrain tactics and survival techniques by priests of the Order of Agony, those who survive the torturous training programs make up the core of the armed forces of Slen. With advancement within the military limited to active worshipers of The Flaymaster, the force becomes increasingly fanatical with each passing winter. And unlike most other nations, the tempo of military operations by forces of the Theocracy is almost unaffected by the extreme conditions of winter in the mountainous region. While there are still a great deal of casualties due to the weather, Slen typically makes a great deal of progress during these winter campaigns.

Adventures: Clerics have a solemn duty to bring as much pain as possible. Thus, they adventure for the ability to share the pain with others. By moving from place to place in the manner of an adventurer, they can spread their message everywhere.

Characteristics: Ministers revel in all sources and degrees of pain, but there is the occasional individual who regards his role in spreading pain with a detached professionalism.

Background: Few Ministers of Misery come from Svimohzia, since harsh cold rarely comes there. Social origin is not a determining factor; there are just as many opportunities for inflicting pain among the common folk as among the nobility.

Races: Clerics are possible among any race, although humans seem to make up the majority. Dwarven and elven lashers are well regarded for ingenious torture devices, while gnomish Ministers combine mental and emotional stress with physical suffering.

Relations With Other Classes: Clerics make great use of barbarians, rogues, and fighters – classes capable of dealing out a great deal of physical damage. Likewise, wizards and sorcerers who specialize in combat magic are useful implements of The Flaymaster. Clerics with healing magic are held in low esteem since their abilities work against the need to hurt others.

Relations With Undead: Clerics are encouraged to animate or create undead in their attempts to further the faith. If intelligent undead must be controlled, the cleric must free them of control as soon as possible. Clerics may freely destroy undead created by junior clerics of their faith, but should not those of peers or higher-ranking clerics. A cleric is allowed to destroy undead created by another faith, if those undead hinder an act that furthers the faith. Violating these restrictions may cause the cleric to lose temple rank, or undergo a quest to atone.

Role: Ministers make good combatants, and excellent interrogators and torturers, if the party is in need of information. They are not useful as healers, for their religion forbids them to use their magic to reduce suffering. Creatures in pain should be left on their own. Clearly, they claim, The Flaymaster has blessed those who survive.

Ministry of Misery

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