Reanaarian (Human)
Reanaarians are medium in build, often stocky but rarely fat. They are a folk of extremes: they respect hard work, but they enjoy holidays and feasting. They are clever but appear dull and boring to outsiders. They are fascinated with magic but rarely pursue it as a class.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 4'8" +2d8 (inches) 90 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Female 4'3" +2d8 (inches) 70 lbs x (1d4+1) lbs

The Reanaarians, like the Brandobians, are inquisitive folk. Just as during the period of their great migrations, they explore their current home, the Reanaaria Bay area, without aims of conquest or glory. They enjoy the beauty of their home and rarely come into conflict with the dwarves, elves, gnomes or halflings who live there.

Reanaarians inhabit the western shores of the Bay, leaving the north to the Skarrns (Fhokki) and the east to the Dejy. Reanaarians who stray more than 100 miles inland are rare.

Reanaarians speak their own language among themselves and prefer others to use it as well, although nearly every craftsman, artisan, merchant and noble speaks Merchant’s Tongue. Because of the great number of non-humans sharing their cities and neighboring their lands, many Reanaarians learn Dwarven, Gnomish, Low Elven or Halfling as well. Low Elven is a particularly popular choice near Zoa as many Reanaarians in that area share some elven ancestry.

Adventurers among the Reanaarians adopt the rogue class more often than they adopt any others. Fighters and clerics are less frequently encountered than average, while monks and barbarians are very rare. Druids usually hail from the Fautee Forest, the Sotai Gagalia Headlands or the Ka’Asa Mountains. Wizards are uncommon, and sorcerers rare.

“Reanaarians are excellent diplomats. They let you have your way only when they know you are wrong.” – Chelean, former pirate and smuggler, and current governor of U’Rudaketa
Reanaarese Language
Only a very few native Reanaarians speak true Reanaarese. The people who settled along the western shores of Reanaaria Bay developed it. Through trade and interaction with other races, Reanaarese has lost much of its original character. Most residents of Reanaaria Bay’s city-states now speak Merchant’s Tongue as a primary language.

The use of double and even triple vowel combinations characterizes Reanaarese. Nouns are generally two syllables long, but three syllable words are not uncommon. Verbs are longer, typically three to four syllables. A speaker pronounces verbs more slowly than any other form of speech. Nouns are spoken louder, to set them off from the rest of the words in a sentence. Adjectives and adverbs are usually only one syllable long. The suffix -asoo indicates male gender, -amoo, female and -uxoo, neutral.

Reanaarese uses A, AA, B, C, D, E, EA, F, G, H, I, II, K, L, M, N, O, OA, OO, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, X and Z. The language varies from city to city, due to the many dialects and accents. Reanaarese is plain and simple, with brevity and bluntness being common.

Reanaarians tend to use only personal names. Their language and names take elements from Kalamaran, Fhokki, Dejy, and the gamut of demihuman languages. Regardless of the source, their names often have double letters and have more vowels than other tongues (far more than the jaw-breaking ancient Brandobian). Reanaarians are fond of nicknames, and they freely abbreviate, modify, or add to their names.

Few Reanaarians use surnames. A few of the nobility use a family name, and some commoners have picked up the habit to appear cosmopolitan, but most Reanaarians ignore such nonsense. If a Reanaarian knows two people by the same name, he identifies the one he’s talking about by career or race, such as “Gazee the halfling,” or “Feaveu the carpenter.”

Written Alphabet (Reanaarese)


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