Religious Texts

Religious Texts
At some point in the past, each of the gods expressed his commands through the written word. Typically, a saint or cleric of the faith actually recorded the doctrine for the layman, although some faiths claim the god wrote the original words personally. The primary source of doctrine among most faiths came from the content of the canon.

Considering its prime importance within the faith, the canon is a prominent possession of clerics and followers. Among clerics of importance, the canon is mandatory. Followers who wish to appear sincere find that even grand largesse carries little weight unless backed up by ownership of a canon.
Canons of the Celestial Council

Canons of the Grey Assembly
AL Deity Canon Price Range
LN The Founder Keystones 40 gp
LN The Mule Enlightenment 55 gp
LN PowerMaster The Triad 35 gp, requires completion of a task
LN The Old Man The Way of Strategy 50 gp
LN Eye Opener The Epiphanies 40 gp
N Mother of the Elements Fundamentals 35 gp
N The Riftmaster The Balance (at least) 55 gp
N The Bear Laws of Nature 30 gp
N The Landlord The Ledger 25 gp
N Fate Scribe The Fortunes 30 – 100 gp
CN Battle Rager Let the Rage Take You 25 gp
CN The Watcher New Paths 40 gp
CN The Storm Lord Sky’s Fury 25 gp
CN Risk Chances 50 – 150 gp, affectable by wager
CN The Laugher The Gift of Passion 30 gp
Canons of the Fiendish
AL Deity Canon Price Range
LE The Corrupter Longings 70 gp, not easily available
LE The Overlord Subjugation 40 gp
LE The Dark One Book of Endless Night 80 gp, possession often illegal
LE The Flaymaster Sweet Pain acquisition specifics unknown
NE Harvester of Souls Final Word 45 gp
NE Locust Lord Swarms 40 gp, only to potential converts
NE Emperor of Scorn The Stone Tablets 30 – 250 gp, version dependent
NE The Seller of Souls Ill Wind 125 gp, followers only! or else…
CE Rotlord Endless Decay 30 gp
CE The Confuser of Ways Invisible Lives 50 – 100 gp, depending on content
CE Prince of Terror Indescribable Horrors 25 gp
CE Creator of Strife Catastrophes 25 gp
CE The Vicelord Innocent Pleasures 25 gp
Other Dogmatic Texts
In addition to the canon, many other religious texts abound within each faith. Most religions have one or more texts that either extend the original canon or contain in-depth commentary of the canon. Such texts vary greatly in scope, acceptance and authority.

In addition to these documents, several ancient prophetic tomes exist that for various reasons are considered holy by several religions. Probably the most famous is the Kabataroth. Written by a mad Prophet, it covers literally hundreds of topics, most of them undecipherable. Some scholars have spent their lifetimes studying the Kabataroth with little or no progress. The bits of information that make sense deal with everything from predicting the weather to signs of the Time of the Void to the return of Emperor Thedorus. In reality, each passage could be interpreted in multiple ways, so pragmatic types find little use in the Kabataroth and similar prophetic texts.

Religious Texts

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