The Purgers

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The Purgers

“Love and friendship are for the weak and ignorant.”
“Unity and purity are most noble goals.”
“We shall not rest until the land is pure.”
“Those of our kind that oppose us shall be the first to die.”
At a lynching: “It’s the drop for you, half-breed!”

Different sects of the House of Scorn exist in all nations. Each race and every kingdom has a different church. Although these sects sometimes cooperate, they are frequently at war with one another. This is entirely due to the teachings of Hatemonger.

The Purgers of each cult preach hatred and scorn for all other races, peoples, nations and religions. This naturally causes each House to despise the others. Alliances are formed only when it is mutually beneficial to put aside their differences, such as when a more hated third party is present.

Each House of Scorn attempts to breed hatred and anger toward the other races. This extends to prejudices between the different human races. Thus, Fhokki are instructed to not only detest dwarves, but other humans as well. Wood elves are taught to hate high elves, gray elves, wild elves, and so on. It is said that it was the Houses of Scorn that caused the high elves and the dark elves to war when Tellene was still young.

Adventures: Purgers adventure to remove minority elements from their land. Each Purger is responsible for the “purity” of her area of responsibility, and Purgers of different races or cultures consider each other to be impurities.

Characteristics: Purgers must be able to inflame listeners into a mob and then point the mob toward members of a race or a culture. Their skills at oration are considered more important than their combat and spellcasting abilities.

Background: Purgers usually arise out of regions of racial conflict, such as the Young Kingdoms, Eldor or any city with a strong presence of foreigners.

Races: Purgers belong to all races, but humans are the most prominent in number and in power. Gray elves are the only subculture of elves that regularly adopt this faith, and few dwarves adhere to it. Hobgoblins are perhaps the most inclined humanoid to worship the Emperor of Scorn. Half-breeds, with their confused heritage, receive a cool welcome from the Jackals.

Relations With Other Classes: Purgers do not mind working with members of other classes, as long as they are all the same race and culture as the Purger. To an Eldoran Purger, an Eldoran paladin sworn to kill him is more acceptable than a half-elven fighter who also worships the Emperor of Scorn.

Relations With Undead: The animation and creation of undead is viewed as a neutral act. It is how the undead are used that determines their purpose for good or evil. Associating with intelligent undead, who are inherently evil and very dangerous, is a sin and may earn the cleric a reduction in temple rank, along with penance and possible legal sanction.

Role: Purgers refuse to work with a mixed group of races, except as slaves. They strive to keep this situation constant, regardless of their current short-term goals. If they must work with other races, they secretly try to arrange for them to be killed in combat as soon as possible.

The Purgers

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