Children of Love

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Children of Love

“A man without love has nothing.”
“A broken heart is worse than a broken bone.”
“Love is eternal.”
“Achieve harmony through love.”
“Love thy enemy and he will become thy friend.”
“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

The Children of Love believe the Pure One came into being because of the love that the Creator felt for all her works. They preach that in ages past, humans led a pitiful existence in a savage world. After a time, the Pure One gave love to the intelligent creatures of the world. This gave man a reason to live. It started a cultural revolution sparking the modern age.

Clerics and followers of the Pure One try to embody their deity’s spheres of influence. They believe in selfless and unconditional love. Clerics of the Pure One would willingly die for one another. They are charged with promoting harmony and bringing as much love into the world as possible. The Children of Love act as matchmakers, conduct wedding ceremonies or reconcile differences between couples or friends. Clerics of Lady Love do not care for arranged marriages since there is rarely any love involved.

Adventures: A Child of Love might help lovers escape arranged marriages, return kidnapped persons to their families, reconcile parents and estranged children, reunite siblings separated by forced slavery, or otherwise engage in any activity that joins people who think they belong to each other but have been removed by force or circumstance. They seek encourage all people to love each other.

Characteristics: Children of Love, like other clerics, rely on their divine spells and combat ability to achieve their goals. More so than other clerics, they rely on the community of worshippers to match up potential lovers and help those who might experience difficulty.

Background: Children of Love are usually happy, caring people who wish to share their natural joy with others. They come from all strata of society and from all races.

Races: Elves, halflings and humans comprise the majority of the faith. Half-orcs and half-hobgoblins who wish to celebrate their unusual parentage (as an example of the power of love) often become fanatic leaders of the faith. Other races are welcome, but rare.

Relations With Other Classes: Children of Love make no distinction among people by their career path or magical ability. The ability to show love for each other is all that matters. Characters without compassion are shunned if they cannot be converted.

Relations With Undead: Clerics must destroy undead, and those that associate with them, at all costs. Animating, creating, or otherwise associating with undead may bring excommunication from the church. The faith allows for little flexibility with this rule.

Role: A Child of Love is often the diplomat of an adventuring party. He solves problems between PCs, between PCs and NPCs, and between warring NPCs. He also tends to serve as the group’s primary healer and defensive specialist.

Children of Love

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