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Churches and Priesthoods

The many religions of Tellene are made up of fascinating clerics with diverse beliefs. Clerics in good standing with their church are required to wear the appropriate synodal raiment during all official church functions and ceremonies. It is considered a sign of disrespect to do otherwise. Most clerics wear their synodal vestments at all times, and they are actively encouraged to do so. This sets them apart from lay persons, and allows worshipers to find them quickly and easily.

The clergy are well aware that the power of the gods is based on the number of worshippers and the expansion of their respective spheres of influence. Furthering these two goals is of prime importance and overrides all other issues within the faith. As such, religions will do anything in their power to aid these causes. A church might emphasize one portion of their faith while in an area that persecutes another sphere, or stress that the locals can pray to their god to ensure that it is appeased and will thus contain its spheres of control from wreaking havoc upon them.
Faithful of The Celestial Council

Faithful of The Grey Assembly

Faithful of The Fiendish


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