The Kingdom of Cosdol
When Brandobia divided, those skilled in the use of magic, mostly elves and half-elves, fled to the solitude of the north in fear of persecution. Veseln, the youngest Endremin brother and a skilled conjurer, was the first king and the founder of Cosdol (population 650,000). Today, Archmage Welren, a great-grandson of Veseln, rules Cosdol. He has ruled for over a century, using magic to extend his life beyond that of a normal human.

Cosdol’s population remains a peaceful collection of magicians and merchants. The merchants deal in furs, rare oils and perfumes made from trapped animals. In season, the fishing off the coast is good, and inland wild game (caribou and elk) is plentiful. Towers surrounded by smaller buildings dapple the Cosdol countryside. Stone walls circle many of these clusters of structures. Such walls keep out the many fearsome beasts of both natural and supernatural origin that roam the open wilderness.

Large numbers of humanoids dwell in Cosdol. In fact, humans are in the minority behind elves and half-elves. Further north, humanoids populate small towns and life there can be quite dangerous. The town of Dorndern, located in the north along the Omdal River, houses a vast library frequented by humanoid shamans.

Welren inherited his forefather’s ill feelings from the time Brandobia split. Thus, Cosdol is on friendly terms with neither Eldor nor Mendarn. Eldoran goods are heavily taxed. Merchants do, however, trade with some Eldoran border towns. Foreign trade occurs primarily through P’Bapar. Cosdolite merchants also trade Foodstuffs and textiles to some civilized tribes of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins living in the Odril Hills and Krond Heights for metals and minerals.

Religious tolerance ebbs high here, but many evil religions are still found only in the northern territory. The Temple of Enchantment, the Founder’s Creation, the Fraternal Order of Aptitude and the Face of the Free are favorites among the populace. The Temple of the Patient Arrow, Order of Agony, Church of Endless Night, the Temple of Sleepless Nights and Assembly of the Four Corners also have significant followings in Cosdol.

Cosdol’s powerful magic schools and guilds base themselves in Cosolen, the capital. Cosdol’s military is also centered in Cosolen. The standing army numbers 1,000 pikemen, 800 heavy foot soldiers, 1,400 mounted troops, and 500 archers. The standing army enlists the services of several powerful wizards and many junior wizards. In times of war, there may be in excess of one wizard for every 100 soldiers.

Settlements by Size
Category Population Settlements
Metropolis 25,001+ Cosolen
Large City 12,001-25,000 Crandolen
Small City 5,001-12,000
Large Town 2,001-5,000 Almven, Dorndern, Napalido
Small Town 901-2,000 Bispven, Bolnven, Dorven, Durven, Itven, Ldamven, Ldisven, Lnonven, Mernven, Nolnven, Sewven, Sovrven, Trevrven, Truvven, Vlavrven, Vraspven, Yolven, Zernven
Village 401-900 Avlden, Blerden, Blivrden, Brehden, Brenden, Cunvden, Dalmden, Dasden, Driden, Durlden, Evlden, Ganvden, Gavlden, Hafden, Hihden, Huwden, Ldeldden, Ldesden, Lelden, Ndesden, Ndudden, Niyden, Nurden, Plumden, Prupden, Sterden, Tildden, Todden, Vlorden, Vluwden, Vrehden, Yigden, Yuldden
Hamlet 81-400 Ewden, Tigden, Vreldden
Thorp 20-80

Cosdol Map


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