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“Creation” is a beautiful book that spares no expense when it comes to quality of materials or richness of color. Its cover stands out among other books for its vibrancy and dimension. The usual base color is a deep crimson, with liberal use of striking color on the cover and interior alike.

Twelve Arts divide the canon, each of which extols the virtues of creating the appropriate works. Each Art is the work of a different artiste and includes samples of that master’s greatest art form. Individual copies often have different examples, following the faith’s emphasis on personal taste, but all works are attributed to the proper person.

Artists use Creation as a primer, since it describes techniques for mixing paint and provides essays on the preparation of chisel points, exemplifies proper grammar and good sentence structure and a contains a system of musical notation that has become universal. In addition to technical advice, it discusses intangibles such as timing, balance and personal expression.

Creation forbids followers from mocking another’s personal taste, interfering with the work of an artist or revealing another’s plans for a work before he reveals the finished work. In life, the follower should respect the opinions of others, although he is free to express his own as well. Followers should not fall to despair when a situation is gloomy; a good joke can restore confidence and strengthen the faithful.

Creation costs 35 gp and is available in scattered cities, especially those of Reanaaria Bay, Svimohzia and Kalamar. In Brandobia, it is only common in Cosdol.


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