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The Creator

The supreme being of enormous power and intellect believed to have created the universe and Tellene for her own amusement. Legend tells that she later brought forth the gods from her fingertips, a total of 54 beings each portraying a specific characteristic or related characteristic of herself – from life and truth to death and deceit. They were to govern the cosmos under her watchful eye, and in order to serve their needs she fabricated various species of creatures: dragons, dwarves, elves, primitive races, insects and all creatures in-between.

Her “children” (the gods) would gather periodically to discuss the state of events on their different planes and she would assign them further responsibilities. This system worked effectively for many eons, however, in time her creations began to feel indignant toward her authority and the limitations that came with being inferior; and the chaotic gods began to resent the control she had over them. It was with this in mind that several deities, led by the Confuser of Ways, formed a plan for her demise.

She, of course, learned of their scheme, but was intrigued. Despite her omnipotence, she allowed their plan to continue, and created the illusion of her demise by allowing her essence to be trapped in a crystal shard – which was secreted away to a well-guarded fortress on a distant plane. She now sits silently, amused, watching the events on Tellene unfold.

A common symbol for the Creator.


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