Dazlak (Hobgoblin)
Long ago, the great Krangi warrior Korrut pi Dazlak was among the most honorable of hobgoblins and able of leaders. Calling for those who would follow him to another land, Dazlak led his people on a trek of many years, until they reached the Khydoban Desert. With their organizational skills and Dazlak’s leadership, they prospered in a land where survival alone was more than merely difficult. Even in the face of the rugged terrain, ensuing generations grew larger. The tribe became many tribes, and the many tribes became a legitimate subrace, taking the name of Dazlak himself.

Separated from the rest of their hobgoblin kin, the Dazlak have developed a very unusual and unique culture. Whereas honor is the driving force for other hobgoblin castes, mere survival holds a hallowed place among the Dazlak. Strength comes from taking your enemy’s water and thus taking his life, while honor derives largely from ownership or control of water. Despite their rigid society, however, Dazlak are not humorless. In fact, many outsiders comment on how easily they break into laughter.

Years of living with limited water has made the Dazlak smaller and stringier than their western brethren, and unknowing humans sometimes confuse them for larger-than-average goblins (much to their regret). Dazlak are obviously not as big or as strong as the standard hobgoblin, but what they lack in strength they make up for in quickness and toughness. Their dry and leathery hide ranges from yellow-brown to red-brown, and their eyes are typically yellow or brown, with occasional reds and blacks. Likewise, their wild and unkempt hair is medium to dark brown in color, and never cut or cropped short. Any facial hair is confined to the mouth, chin and jaw line, and is thick but short. Females are only slightly smaller and lighter than the males.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 4'9" +2d8 (inches) 125 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Female 4'7" +2d8 (inches) 115 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Adulthood: Middle Age: Old: Venerable: Maximum:
30 yrs 80 yrs 130 yrs 170 yrs +3d10 yrs

Dazlak view all other races as inferiors, but reserve their greatest hatred for their immediate neighbors. They resent the fact that they cannot yet wipe out even the Dejy tribes and small villages that infest their current homeland. Despite this, Dazlak do not simply attack other races on sight. Dazlak deal with humans and orcs when necessary, but never with dwarves and elves. They find the smaller races highly annoying.

Today the Dazlak hobgoblins can be found in small nomadic groups throughout the Khydoban Desert and the Arajyd Hills. Though they may not see their kin for months or years at a time, they remain tightly bound by culture and the necessity of surviving in a harsh land. They speak the Hobgoblin language and at least one other. The Dazlak tongue is considered a dialect of Hobgoblin, understandable to those speakers with deliberate concentration, though most nuances will be lost.

Worship of the Emperor of Scorn dominates every aspect of Dazlak life, and failure to recite religious passages at any time can result in severe punishments. Dazlak particularly hate the Blacksoul; they feel his western hobgoblin worshippers have become inferior by emulating the human cultures that surround them.

Dazlak rarely leave their tribes, unless they fight their duty and are banished. Those that leave of their own free will are killed on sight, but the priests do not expend excessive resources to hunt them down. In the military caste, rangers are the elite, and many Dazlak strive to become one. Fighters and clerics are also common. Dazlak never become druids, shamans or paladins.



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