Deep Gnome

Deep Gnome (“mythar”)
Deep gnomes (also called “mythar”) are an antisocial, warlike race. They live in isolated cities where they war with other races for domination of the underground world. While deep gnomes are slightly more benign than their foes, they are often just as quick to judge–and destroy–outsiders who venture into their realms. They are very rarely seen by others, for they live hidden within the many caverns and lairs beneath Tellene’s surface. As with elves and dark elves, deep gnomes are shunned by their aboveground relatives. Deep gnomes are as sullen, withdrawn and suspicious as the other gnomes tell.

The rare and reclusive mythar have muscular forearms, hairy bodies and thick, powerful hands. Their skin is steel gray to flat obsidian in color, and their eyes range from maroon to mahogany to jet.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3' +2d4 (inches) 45 lbs x 1 lb
Female 2'10" +2d4 (inches) 40 lbs x 1 lb

Deep gnomes are initially hostile to strangers, whom they view as potential invaders. Even after befriending others, deep gnomes are not affectionate, and determining where you stand with them is difficult. As a race, they do not seem to like or dislike halflings or gnomes. Humans are usually alien and strange to them, so they view them with guarded curiosity. They base their conception of elves on dark elves, so they are naturally inclined to distrust them.

The largest cities of the deep gnomes are underneath the Jorakk Mountains, where forest gnome legends talk of the grand cities of bustling Melkevia, the crystalline towers of Azurtal and the labyrinthine streets of Chadoka. Mythar share the language of other gnomes, speak Undercommon, and are familiar with other languages used underground as well.

Deep gnomes generally worship a single patron deity chosen by the ruler of their city. The idea of free religion is strange to them. The Guardian, The Old Man, the Speaker of the Word and the Fate Scribe are all worshiped in one city or another. A few cultural dissenters might worship any of the gods. Of those, the Emperor of Scorn, The Watcher and The True are the most popular. Few deep gnomes have even heard of The Traveler, The Shimmering One, The Great Huntress or The Storm Lord.

Traveling to the surface is a rite of passage for a deep gnome. They tend to adopt classes and jobs that allow them to see features they never see below ground. Deep gnomes become fighters, rogues and clerics. Less often, they become monks or sorcerers. While the lifestyle of a bard is ideal for the traveling they seek to accomplish, deep gnomes consider the typical bard too frivolous. If a deep gnome becomes a wizard, which is unusual, he typically specializes in Conjuration or Transmutation. A deep gnome who adopts the right lifestyle could become a barbarian or druid, but the circumstances around such a class choice would be highly unusual.

“Warlike, aggressive, sullen, and secretive. Are you sure they’re not related to orcs?”
– Grarg Stoneskull, half-orc adventurer and selfproclaimed “sage of the people.”

Deep Gnome

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