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An Outsider’s View

“Ek’Kasel was the last of the Young Kingdoms to declare independence from the Kalamaran Empire, and are a close ally with Korak. They often help one another keep the hobgoblin threat at bay, and live in a constant state of war.

The Kasite army is filled by draft, as every male joins the military at the age of 15 and remains until their 18th birthday, when they are allowed to rejoin civilian society. Because the younger males are regulated to military duties, the women of the nation hold more business and government positions than in some other lands.

The nation claims as theirs the northwest corner of the Kalokopeli Forest, where herbalists work their magic. They claim a salve that allows wounds to heal twice as fast, as well as the ability to make wood as strong and sturdy as stone. Siege weapons from Ek’Kasel are considered superior to all other nation’s weapons.”


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