Elos Bay

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Located in the heart of the realms, this long inlet of the Kalamaran Sea, is an extremely traveled body of water. The Brolador, E’Liral, and Ek’Ridar rivers all empty into the northern half of the bay, making it a key junction for those traveling to the interior of the continent. Several squadrons of Kalamaran warships are now harbored at Bet Seder in an attempt to establish dominance over these important waters. The Tokite navy was merely on par with the small Pekalese fleet and therefore unable to accomplish more than occasional harassment of the shipping lanes in the past.

This strong navy has inhibited commerce, as the Kalamaran frigates attempt to board any vessels they encounter. Those vessels merely suspected of being in league with Pekal are either confiscated or sunk. A hefty bribe is usually the most positive assurance a Kalamaran admiral can have of a trader’s loyalty to the Empire.

The strong Imperial presence has led to a substantial decrease in buccaneer activity in the area. The Imperial Manabela, a large wellarmed war vessel in her own right, is typically encountered in groups of three or four, along with at least a half dozen fast escort cutters. These squadrons are an overwhelming match for all but a similarly outfitted force. They relish hunting down and summarily executing suspected pirates. The pirates have taken to smuggling as a primary occupation but Pekal has reportedly bribed their captains to conduct raids against the Tokite coastline.

Elos Bay

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