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The canon of the Fraternal Order of Aptitude, called “Enlightenment,” is always a gray tome with pages of real paper. Its sheets are uniform in size and the binding is exceptionally sturdy. The cover invariably depicts the Mule’s holy symbol.

This dynamic canon is constantly changing, always adding more organization and greater detail. The changes occur in an orderly fashion, however. Once per year, proposed changes are drafted, debated, and then decided on by the Grand Professor. Enlightenment’s chapters are numbered, each page is numbered, and the entire canon is thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced.

For those only passing familiar with the Order, it may seem strange that Enlightenment is devoid of discussions of mathematics or the sciences. But on further examination, it makes complete sense: Enlightenment teaches the fundamental building blocks for study of math and science. Its chapters cover topics such as the basics of study for students, proper instruction techniques and advice for teachers, fundamentals of logic, ways to increase reasoning power and learning capacity, procedures for properly conducting research and experimentation, creative methods of problem solving, etc.

Meditation has a prominent place in the faith’s teachings and Enlightenment urges it as the solution to many problems. The canon’s endorsement of good record keeping is often interpreted as a request to keep a journal, which many sincere followers do.

Enlightenment is available at virtually any library or university. While non-followers disregard the emphasis on meditation, all students appreciate its collection of mathematical tables and scientific formulae (included as references, but not explicitly discussed within the tome). It costs 55 gp.


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