Forest Gnome

Forest Gnome (“fulmaran”)
Though called forest gnomes, the “fulmaran” (for so they are known in the gnome language) may also be found in well-hidden and secure jungle homes. As their name implies, they favor the outdoors; they are more comfortable standing in full daylight than in a dim cave.

Forest gnomes often appear servile and fawning with others. They are not really sycophants, but constant flattery and self-deprecation are part of their culture. They are almost obsessive about cleanliness, and they dislike dirt and disorder in their homes. Forest gnomes place great importance on appearance and image. Strangers often think that this attitude means that gnomes are weak and easy to exploit. In fact, attempting to abuse forest gnomes can be lethal. While a gnome might readily admit when she is defeated (and claim that luck was on her side when victorious), she fights fiercely and skillfully in defense of home, family or virtue.

Forest gnomes are taller than rock gnomes, with bushy eyebrows and beards, wiry frames and easygoing personalities. Their skin varies from that of a lightly tanned Kalamaran to the deep brown of a teak side table. Their eyes have earthy colors, and their hair ranges from sandy blonde to auburn to chestnut. Clothes range from untanned hides to embroidered satin robes, depending on the gnome’s wealth. Regardless of the clothing, it is likely to be neat and in good repair.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3'4" +2d4 (inches) 55 lbs x 1 lb
Female 3'1" +2d4 (inches) 45 lbs x 1 lb

Fulmaran co-exist even better with other races than rock gnomes do, but only as long as those other races are of good alignment. They despise evil and fight against it as the situation allows. Forest gnomes live in the Fautee Forest, the Rokk Woods, the Kalasali Woods and other wooded places. Like other gnomes, fulmaran speak the languages of the races with which they trade and war most often.

The Raiser, The Peacemaker, the Lord of Silver Linings, The Guardian, the Eye Opener and The Bear all have followings among the forest gnomes. The Guardian is the most popular of these, and a large number of forest gnomes join or aid the Brotherhood of the Broken Chain. Among evil forest gnomes, The Vicelord and The Confuser of Ways are most prominent. In any case, large temples are rare among them, since forest gnomes prefer informal worship at a household shrine to bustling congregations in a crowded city temple.

Druids, rangers and rogues are the most popular classes for forest gnomes. Sorcery is not uncommon among them, although they rarely advance far in it. Few become wizards. They are probably the most likely small race to become monks, and on occasion some become paladins, particularly those with lifelong goals of justice and freedom. Forest gnomes become clerics less commonly than other races because of their distaste for cumbersome clerical hierarchies. They very, very rarely become barbarians.

“I’m not short, sir, I’m simply nearer the ground than you are.”
– Fulbert Gribbli, Forest Gnome Wag.

Forest Gnome

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