Gnomes of Tellene

Gnomes prosper both on their own and as productive members of other societies. Nominal kings lead their own cultures, with actual governmental duties handled by a handful of ancients. Gnomes are prevalent in the eastern parts of Tellene, especially Reanaaria Bay. Their subraces include the Rock Gnomes (“dalgul”), Deep Gnomes (“mythar”), and Forest Gnomes (“fulmaran”).

Adulthood: Middle Age: Old: Venerable: Maximum:
40 yrs 105 yrs 150 yrs 200 yrs +3d100 yrs
Gnome Language
Although gnomes use the Dwarven alphabet and script, they speak their own unique language, Gnome (often mistakenly called Gnomish). Due to the gnome prevalence for adopting Merchant’s Tongue as a second language, many original gnome words have been replaced with similar words from that language. A prime example of this is the gnome word komynyit, which is taken from the Merchant’s Tongue word “community.”

Gnome is less harsh on the larynx than Dwarven. It retains three genders, male, female, and neutral. Like Dwarven, conjugated verbs end in a vowel to indicate the subject. Gnome uses an “e” for “she”; whereas an “ei” reflects the first person. Likewise, “a” means “he,” and “ai” reflects the “I” first person. Neutral gender endings are “o” and “oi” respectively. Plurality on all words is indicated by the “as” ending.

Most gnomes are named after ancestors or distant relatives, though it is unusual for a gnome to receive the same name as a member of his immediate living family. Gnomes living amongst human communities may change their surname to a more human one, typically representing their craft or profession (thus a proliferation of “Gemcutters” among those gnomes who live in human-dominated lands). Gnomes living in pure gnome settlements keep their original names and never translate them to Merchant’s Tongue.


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