Half-Hobgoblin (“sil-karg”)
Half-hobgoblins (called “sil-karg” in the Hobgoblin tongue) have been around since before written history, appearing first on the edge of civilization and then creeping into it. Human folklore usually paints them as unfortunate victims, unable to avoid turning to evil in a crisis, as their hobgoblin taint overcomes them. Hobgoblin tradition calls them wayward, and a threat to civilization. Neither welcomes them.

Half-hobgoblins try to fit into whichever society they live in. Their eagerness to conform often results in an over-the-top scramble to be as honorable as a pure hobgoblin, or as resourceful as a human. Sil-karg in hobgoblin society often end up as social martyrs, taking on every burden imaginable so that their peers consider them honorable. Those in a human society are curious, eager to try new things and new ways of doing old things, even if the new way is clearly no better than the old way.

In terms of appearance, half-hobgoblins look like bulky humans, with square features, large hands and strong shoulders. Their skin is reddish, similar in tone to the Kakado Dejy tribe of the Young Kingdoms. They tend to dress in an awkward combination of utilitarian clothing and elaborate jewelry.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 4'10" +2d10 (inches) 140 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Female 4'6" +2d10 (inches) 100 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Adulthood: Middle Age: Old: Venerable: Maximum:
15 yrs 55 yrs 80 yrs 110 yrs +4d10 yrs

Half-hobgoblins manage to cooperate best with humans, hobgoblins and dwarves. They dislike elves, like halflings (but tire of them easily) and avoid gnomes. They fit in most smoothly with those human societies that have, for the most part, come to accept them (such as in the Lands of Tarisato). They typically speak several languages, a trait common to wanderers. Many speak the Hobgoblin tongue, and nearly all speak Merchant’s Tongue or a regional human language.

The sil-karg do not have their own lands. They share space with either the humans (in Tarisato, Prompeldia and increasingly in other city-states of the Elos) or their hobgoblin parents (in Norga-Krangrel, Tarisato or Ul-Karg). The city of Prompeldia has developed a sizable sil-karg quarter that is threatening to become large enough to count as its own culture. Being outsiders, sil-karg are fond of The Watcher, but they also worship Risk, PowerMaster and the Fate Scribe in large numbers.

Half-hobgoblins make natural adventurers. Their power and size make them excellent fighters, barbarians or rogues with a thuggish inclination. The talent for sorcery and psionics is rare among them, and they have little fascination with magic. Thus, they do not often become wizards, sorcerers or psionic characters. Half-hobgoblin clerics and druids are surprisingly common, since the clerical life offers an opportunity for social acceptance that might not be open to them otherwise. Paladins are rare but not impossible to find. Half-hobgoblin monks are sincere, if unusual, devotees of their class.

“Life is hard. So is death. Which would you rather have?”
– sil-karg adventurer Kelghaz Hazar


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