Hill Dwarf

Hill Dwarf (“adurek”)
Hill dwarves (also known as lowland dwarves, or “adurek” in Dwarven) are the most common type of dwarf, and are the typical examples of their kind. They are slow to laugh or jest and suspicious of strangers, but they are generous to those few who earn their trust. Succumbing to greed is an occasional problem, as lowland dwarves value gold, gems, jewelry, and art objects made with these precious materials. They fight neither recklessly nor timidly, but with a careful courage and tenacity. Their sense of justice is strong, but at its worst it can turn into a thirst for vengeance.

Adurek only stand around 4 to 4-1/2 feet tall, but they are so broad and compact that they are, on average, almost as heavy as humans. Their men are slightly taller and noticeably heavier than their women. Skin tones are typically deep tan or light brown, and their eyes are dark. Their hair is usually black, gray, or brown, and worn long. The men value their beards highly and groom them very carefully. Adurek favor simple styles for their hair, beards, and clothes. They are considered adults at about age 40, and they can live to be more than 400 years old.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3'9" +2d4 (inches) 130 lbs x (2d6) lbs
Female 3'7" +2d4 (inches) 100 lbs x (2d6) lbs

Lowland dwarves often interact freely with gnomes, but also trade with halflings, humans and half-elves. While they respect elven warriors, they have little in common with elven culture or religion. In general, dwarves are polite but succinct, and their lack of solicitousness comes across as rude to cultures such as the Svimohzish, which consider such things as banter to be a necessary courtesy.

Hill dwarves prefer to live among other dwarves, not out of dislike for other races, but because they prefer their own customs, language and traditions. When they live among humans or other races, they tend to work as artisans, craftsmen or mercenaries. Lowland dwarves speak Dwarven among themselves, but they prefer to use another language with outsiders. Since it is difficult to master, the Dwarven language is difficult to comprehend and painful to hear when attempted by non-fluent speakers.

Adurek tend to live in vast underground cities. These communities rival human settlements in size, but they keep this information hidden from their enemies. Large extended families live in smaller settlements of only a few hundred and these are scattered across Tellene, typically clustered around a rich vein of ore. Lowland dwarves can be found in the foothills of any mountains, but there are high concentrations near the Kakidela and Ka’Asa ranges. Because of their exile from Karasta, many lowland dwarves now live in southwestern Reanaaria as well.

In terms of religion, hill dwarves favor worship of The Founder, the Speaker of the Word, The True and the PowerMaster. The Founder’s teachings resonate with most lowland dwarves, even those who dedicate their lives to another god. Among dwarves of evil alignment, the most corrupting are the Emperor of Scorn, who plays upon their distrust of other races, The Corrupter, who plays upon their greed, and The Dark One.

As adventurers, lowland dwarves make excellent fighters. Their skill at arms is renowned, and their hardiness and durability are legendary. Their endurance and discipline make them excellent shock troops. They also make faithful, dedicated clerics and paladins, wise druids and dependable sorcerers. Their culture scorns theft, but rogues who serve as mountain guides or spies against their racial enemies can earn respect. Adurek avoid wizardry and even sorcery is rare among them. They sometimes become very disciplined and powerful psionic characters, but they are more likely to be deadly psychic warriors, fighting alongside their mundane allies with unusual skills.

“Dwarves are predominantly crafters and warriors, what I like to call makers and breakers.”
- Grarg Stoneskull, half-orc adventurer and self-proclaimed “sage of the people.”

Hill Dwarf

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