The Kalamaran Empire
“Why, yes, I have been studying the Vast – for some time, in fact. What? You’ve never heard it referred to as “the Vast” before? Well, for the unschooled such as yourself, perhaps it is better to begin with the basics.

Since its inception some 563 years ago, the Empire has attempted political and military expansion at every opportunity. The Empire expanded quickly under the strong rule of the Inakas family, but began to crumble under the inept rule of the Bakars. This trend continued until the current ruler, Emperor Kabori, came to the throne.

Nowadays, the Empire is composed of many kingdoms and lands, known as the Kingdom of Kalamar, the Kingdom of Basir, the Duchy of Dodera, the Duchy of O’Par, the Principality of Pekal, the Kingdom of Tokis and the lands of Tarisato.

The Kingdom of Kalamar is the largest and most populace nation on Tellene. It is the central kingdom of the Empire, and it is from here that the Emperor rules. The people of Kalamar are proud of their heritage and often tell tales of their great empire that last for hours.

The Kingdom of Basir is the naval power of the Empire, and rich with natural resources. Basir is strongly loyal to the Empire, and her 250 warships are on constant patrol for the enemies of the Emperor.

The Duchy of Dodera is the smallest province of the Empire. Today it is used as a staging area for military assaults on the lands of Tharggy, Paru’Bor and against rebels in the Ka’Asa Mountains.

The Duchy of O’Par separated from the Vast some 80 years ago, but is so neutral in attitude that you’d never know it to look at it. Why, it doesn’t even have a standing army! Kabori’s troops are allowed to run roughshod over the whole Duchy, making this an independence in name only.

The Principality of Pekal separated from the Empire, though about 25 years before O’Par. That makes no difference to the Vast, though! Under the oppressive hand of Kabori, the Empire is funneling troops through Tokis in an attempt to regain its former land and glory. Tokis, too, was once an independent land, until Kabori took the throne. Now, it has returned under the shadow of the Empire. What’s that? You heard that Tokis was recently ravaged by a plague of locusts that ate most of the crops? Yes, I heard that as well.

Finally, the lands of Tarisato consist of all Imperial land south of the E’Korug River. These lands are actually several small fiefs ruled by local lords, charged with protecting the Empire from the dangers hidden within the Obakasek Jungle. What’s in the Obakasek? Ah, that is another story altogether…”
- An Outsider’s View

Map and Topography


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